Why I take and recommend Fish oil, probiotics, Vit. D and Glutathione.

February 9, 2015

What a busy crazy weekend it was for me.  I did a 8 hour seminar on Saturday called ” Neuroendocrine and immune repsonse to toxic exposure”.  It was excellent learning more about the immune system and the importance of de-toxifying your body and keeping your gut clean so you don’t develop a abnormal immune response which I see all day long with people who have auto-immune conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroidits, M.S. Scleroderma, Psoriasis, Dry eye syndrome, meniere’s, and a host of other auto-immune conditions.

Your immune system needs to be in balance and what happens with auto-immune conditions is that it gets tipped to one side much more than the other and then you get a bad response and feel terrible.  This can happen in the other direction also, so you need to get it balanced.  What helps keep your immune system in balance?  Great gut health is crucial for sure.  That’s why we want to repair and heal your gut first.  Then we want to start working the detox pathyways of the liver.  You get these two systems plus your blood sugar under tight control and watch your health return and your energy and your quslity of life drastically get improved.

Pro-biotics are great for the gut and help dampen the immune response.  Vit. D levels are crucial to be up in the 80-100 levels for good dampening of the immune expression.  Most people I test are well under the 30 level and need to be supplemented big time, not just a couple thousand i.U. daily which is the standard prescription.  Another important supplement I use is glutathione.  I use a transdermal cream that works great called oxicell.  Glutathione is a potent anti-oxidant.  We are constantly burning up our glutathione reserves and it’s a must for good cell function and your energy.  You can just google intravenous glutathione  and parkinson and watch videos of people who get I.V. injection therapy of glutathione and watch the dramatic difference in how it helps parkinson patients.  Prety cool stuff.

Heal your gut, then start working your de-tox pathways.  Everything from what we eat, to what we breathe goes through the liver de-tox pathways.  The biggest thing you can do is be aware of your enviroment.  If you are breathing bad air all week in a inner city for example you better get out to the country and get some good fresh air.  Exercise is a great de-toxifier for your body.  Infra-red saunaus are great.  proper hydration is excellent, and just a good clean diet.  Everything has to get de-toxified and comes out through your sweat, urine, and feces.  If you are constipated for 5 days at a time you are going to be toxic.

Medications can really screw up the de-tox pathyways.  Birth control and hormone replacement can tax and deplete our methylation pathways which are a part of the de-tox pathways.

Being very concious of how you move, what you eat, and how you think is crucial for your overall health and well being.  Keep being your best!  All the great daily choices you do today pay off big time down the road.  There is nothing like being able to do the things in life that are most important to you.  I love to be able to train and race cross country skiing.  I’ve worked my tail off the last 50 weeks preparing for the American Birkie.  Now it’s time to relax and get healed up and be ready to bring it for the big race.  It’s my 24th one and I look forward to another 25 or so. I do it because it creates energy and vitality in my life and hopefully in the lives of others I come in contact with.  You also develop great friendships on the trails.


Hey a big shout out to my son Riley Edling who signed his national letter of intent to attend and play football at Concordia University of St. Paul next fall.  It’s a Division 2 football school.  He has worked his tail off and is well deserving of this opportunity.

Way to go Tanner johnson on winnning the conference 220 pound weight class. and Mitchell Hustad for getting 100 career wins in wrestling.  Fantastic!!!

Until next time, be your best, and if you need some guidance with your health just feel free to give me a jingle or attend one of my workshops.  Dr. E


Reduce Pain by 59%

April 20, 2010

Private: Reduce chronic pain by 59% with out drugs

Millions of americans suffer daily with chronic pain, especially back and extremity pain.  If you have or no someone with a chronic pain syndrome you know how devastating it is.  I see first hand daily and have close family members who have struggled with their health and it’s not fun to see.  There is unique metabolic and neurologic  testing  that I have been studying and am now starting to implement at my office for those who suffer with  diagnosis of fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, dizziness, balance disorders, thyroid disease, digestive disorders, degenerative disc and joint disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc, etc. 

These tests have are done in order to get at the direct cause of what is causing your problem.  For example, has your MD or any other person had your food sensitivity  panel checked for gluten, dairy, egg, or soy?  Probably not but so many chronic inflammatory problems which manifest themselves as pain and an above mentioned disease are caused by food sensitivities.  Blood sugar regulation is critical for anyone with the above mentioned problems.  Checking for anemia is vital, and making sure your fatty lipid profile is ideal along with a complete CBC is crucial.  There is a wide range of normal  for a lot of these tests but once you’re at either end of the ranges you are already out of balance and in a disease state.  Thus, these need to be observed and managed within a smaller  range called a functional range.  The thing is you must have these tests done to see where you are at.  You can guess about dairy or gluten but you won”t know unless you get tested, and we now can have this done for you.

Lifestyle changes are imperative for anyone who has a chronic pain or diagnosis which inhibits them from doing what they want to do in life.  A study done by Surgical Neurology 2006 states that in patients suffering from chronic degenerative spinal disease 59% can eliminate the need for pain drugs by consuming adequate levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids.  Another study in Annals of Pharmacology 2002 states removing aspartame and glutamate from the diet for 4 months can eliminate chronic pain syndrome.  

What would that be worth to you or a loved one to get rid of pain and get on with life?  (Check out my article posted on this website about Moxxor which is the best natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant out there). 

I’m here to help as many people as possible, and God knows there are a lot of people out there who need their spines checked and may need this special neurologic and metabolic testing done to finally get at the root cause of why they are feeling the way they are.  Please pass this on to others who you know.  You can help your self or the life of someone else.  Thanks so much for reading this post, and I look forward to helping.  Until next time, you can make it a great day by getting some exercise today, you won’t regret it.   p.s.  If you want more info on this testing call me 715-294-3100 or go email me steve@dredling.com   p.s.p.s.  The date is set.  4 weeks to a new you starts monday 5/2/10 at 6:15 at my office.  For 4 Mondays I will be leading you to take action with your health and start living a life you deserve.  Only $50.  DVD’s will also be made for participants.  Hurry, only room for 8.  Call 715-294-3100 to sign up.

Spring is here!

March 4, 2010

I”‘m going to officially say that spring is here.  I judge that by not only how wonderful the sun feels on my face but when my ski’s start to get mushy in the snow I know it’s jsut a matter of time and there won”t be any more snow to ski on.  OK, the Birkie is done for this year, so now I can focus on new and other fun things in my life.   One of them is how I keep in communication with you.  One of the things I’m going to start doing is at a minimum weekly video eblasts to you.  I think that will help for you visual people out there, plus in my writings it’s hard to describe how to perform a certain exercise or how to prepare a certain healthy food, and I think it may be a better form of communication for you, or at least I won”t have to worry about the grammar.

Childhood obesity, medical mistakes, over prescription, more cancers, etc. etc.  When ever you turn on the TV or news it seems to be nothing but negative even though it may be true.  The bottom line is our nation is getting sicker and sicker inspite of all the incredible technologies we have today.  I see this as the best place if we ever need crisis care, but to get and keep healthy you are on your own or you can hire someone like me to lead you. 

Being healthy doesn”t have to be all that difficult.  The bigest challenge is to first decide once and for all that you are going to make a committment to your self to do what it takes to be healthy.  I just did a 30 day challenge really cleaning  up my diet, no alcohol, no gluten, dairy, eggs, and I thought it was really going to be challenging but that was my headspace.  After a couple of days it wasn”t a big deal.  My energy was down a bit because of a mild cold but I didn”t get a full blown nasty Upper Respiratory infection which in the past would be the norm.  I also lost 8 pounds which was a nice benefit.  If I can do it anyone can.  I will confess, the beer after the Birkie was well worth the wait. 

OK, what one thing today can you add to your diet that will make your cells healthier?  What one form of exercise can you add today that will make your muscles, joints and nerves wake up?  What one positive thought will you think that makes your brain glow today?  Do this each and everyday and a month from now you’ll notice a positive improvement in your health.  Your body wants to do one thing and that is to continually heal itself.  Just don”t get in the way of yourself with negative thoughts or bad choices in behavior.  

Make it as good of day as the weather is today.  Dr. E

Birkie fever, I’m a true believer

February 26, 2010


 This is a copy of this weeks article in the Valley Wire (Osceola’s alternative newspaper).

                                                                            Birkie fever, I’m a true believer

For the past 365 days I’ve been training for North America’s largest cross country ski race the American Birkibeiner.  It starts at Telemark lodge in Cable and the 7 thousand or so who ski the Korte which is the half Birkie or the full which is 51km and finishes in downtown Hayward Wisconsin.  What makes this special for me is it is a celebration of all the hard training, the dedication to training when you didn’t feel like it, and it’s a time to meet up with old friends once again skiing the hardest marathon course in the world. 

  All the anticipation and it’s finally here.  I’ve done the training, I’ve taken good care of myself, now in this 52nd week it is time to relax and think about all the people I get to see again, the friends I get to ski with, the people I get to encourage as I ski by them or they ski past me, and I get to imagine in my mind how cool this course is, and how this event has changed my life.

The race starts with the top 200 elite men then followed by top 100 women.  Then every 10 minutes waves of 500 or so make their way from the start on their adventure that can take anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours. 

The first few km is a few degrees downhill and then we turn to the left a bit and see the first of the massive power line hills.  If I get to the top of the first two and don’t feel too bad then I know I’m going to have a good race.  These hills would be comparable to the fish hatchery hill just off county road S here in Osceola.  The first water stop is at the 8 km mark and it’s very important to come to a stop and drink some fluids.  We then hit the famed Birkie trail and it’s a gradual climb up to fire tower hill which is the highest point of the Birkie trail. This hill is equivalent to the Peace Lutheran hill.  I’m always hurting at the top of that one but I love the beautiful view and now get to recover as we go downhill towards County Road OO which is the halfway point of the Birkie. 

There are 2 massive climbs until we get to OO and a lot of zigzags through the incredible forest of Ashland and Sawyer counties.  There is a nasty right hand turn where all the snowmobiler’s park their sleds and cheer us on or grade their favorite wipeout.

 It’s great to see County road OO in Seeley and get some more fluids since we’ve just skied the hardest part of the course.  All the people  cheering you on and you can’t help but be inspired to make it to Hayward and see them again on main street. 

Suzanne King who was the women’s Birkie winner 15 years ago and two time Olympian always told me your goal should be to ski the second half faster than the first half.  You do that and you’ll have a great race.  Many racers go out to hard and die at the end and you can see that happen around Mosquito Brook where there is a gradual 1km climb.  If that one doesn’t get you Bitch hill with 13km to go gets many.  We finally get off the Birkie trail with 8km to go and cross Highway 77 for one last 1km climb when your whole body is fighting to hang in there and not cramp up.  Then it’s a fast downhill past Wheeler road and onto Lake Hayward for 5 more Kilometers to the finish.  You are just hanging on and trying to not let anyone past you.  With 2km to go you hear the cowbells from downtown Hayward and somehow you get a last surge of adrenalin and maybe even a tear of inspiration.  We get off the lake and on to main street where thousands of people are there to cheer all the skiers on.  I hear and see people I know yelling “Go Eddie” and then I have to concentrate for 200 more yards and then I’m done.  It’s over!  I’m excited and happy and just want to get fluids and food in me and get a change of clothes.  I always see Mike Miller and Dave Lindholm right after the race and it’s great to see people who come up just because there is nothing like main street Hayward and the Birkie.  A couple of Guinness beers and a couple of Brats and then it’s my turn to cheer my friends and fellow skiers on.  If you want to have a great day come on up to Hayward and watch the finish line, it’s truly amazing and fun.  And if you ever get an itch to do a Birkie I hope I’ve planted a seed for you today.

Olympic size dreams for success in life

February 11, 2010

This is a great 30 second clip of an olympic athlete that will get you jacked about the upcoming Olympics .  I can’t wait to watch!!  This same strategy I’ve been teaching for years and you can do it to every night before you go to bed.  If you want success you have to picture it first and then take action.  And sometimes it can be a rocky road to the top but that is where you learn the most about your self.  It’s fun at the top,  just ask the Saints fan that, but look at the 43 years of misery they endured.   With your health, take small bite size steps forward with what your vision of yourself is and enjoy the process!  Dr. E

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Vit. D may save your life

February 9, 2010

This is hot off the press from Mike Adams site I had ot share it with you.  I take 5-10 thousand I.U. a day and was just tested and I’m still low.  Vitamin D is inexpensive and is a must for everyone.  Ideally a blood test is the best way to see where you are at, but everyone I’ve had checked is deficient, and some have only trace levels and they are the ones with many neuromuscloskeletal problems and immune problems.  I’m getting over  a bug that wiped me out.  The good thing was it was just swollen painful lymph nodes and body aches, no respiratoy stuff which really can knock the wind out of your sails.  If I feel something coming on I just load up with 10,000 mg ov Vit. C  30,000 I.U. of Vit D.  take some oil of oregeno and get adjusted daily to balance my nervous system by removing subluxations, and really clean my diet up, hydrate, and rest.   Studies have shown that regular adjustments improve your immune response by 200%.  Another great benefit to Chiropractic care.  OK, just tried to copy and past the article but it wouldn;t let me so instead go to www.naturalnews.com and you’ll see the Vit. D and breast cancer prevention article. 


Check the above you tube video on why food matters.  A powerful 3 minute video. 

Less than 3 weeks until the Birkie!!  Dr. E

Why Moxxor makes fish oil, krill oil and many painkiller medications obsolete

February 4, 2010

Each year in the United States, 70 million prescriptions are written for anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)(1). In 2006, the estimated cost to consumers of pain management drugs around the world was $30 billion (2).

In the United States, osteoarthritis is responsible for 4.9 percent of all medical expenditures (3), and due to the fact that 5.4 percent of NSAID users develop serious bleeding conditions requiring hospitalization (4), each year 103,000 Americans are hospitalized and 16,500 die due to long-term NSAID use.(5)

The annual medical cost of NSAID-related GI complications is $3.9 billion dollars(6). The 16,500 deaths each year caused by NSAID drugs is more than five times greater than the number of Americans killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and it accounts for one-third of the total cost of treating arthritis (11).

Just one FDA-approved anti-inflammatory drug, Vioxx, was estimated by senior FDA drug researcher Dr. David Graham to have caused between 88,000 and 138,000 serious heart events, including heart attacks and strokes leading to death(7). In sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate, Dr. David Graham described the Vioxx disaster as “…the rough equivalent of 500 to 900 aircraft [each containing from 150 – 200 passengers] dropping from the sky. This translates to 2-4 [airline crashes] every week, week in and week out, for the past 5 years.”

NaturalNews has calculated that the number of Americans killed by Vioxx exceeds the number of Americans killed in both the Vietnam War and the War on Iraq, combined! (8)

Remarkably, up to 42% of physicians in the United States and the United Kingdom remain unaware of the dangerous side effects of anti-inflammatory medications (12). In one study, patients visiting physicians complaining of hip pain were prescribed medically unnecessary NSAID drugs more than 41% of the time, and nearly 52% of those patients were not offered medicine to protect their gastrointestinal health, despite showing obvious histories of peptic ulcer disease (13).

NaturalNews asks the question:

Do so many people have to die from taking dangerous prescription painkiller medications?

The answer is NO!

The safe, natural way to ease inflammation

Moxxor is a concentrated superfood supplement made primarily from the extract of green-lipped mussels grown in aquaculture farms near the coast of New Zealand. It has been eaten for hundreds of years by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand who are well known to exhibit a very low incidence of arthritis symptoms such as pain or joint swelling.

A study on green-lipped mussel oil published in the journal Inflammopharmacology(9) shows the remarkable ability of green-lipped mussel oil to ease signs of inflammation.

In this study, a formula containing 4mg of green-lipped mussel extract and 16mg of olive oil (referred to as “GLM Formula A”), and administered at the dose of 20mg per kg of body weight, was shown to exhibit astonishing anti-inflammatory properties far greater than typical fish oils, salmon oil, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil and even aspirin and ibuprofen. Table 1, below, reveals the methodology:

TABLE 1 – Potency of green-lipped mussel oil vs. other nutritional oils and common painkillers

Treatment Dose (mg/kg) Inflammation Symptoms Score Potency Relative to GLM Formula A Potential Side effects
None n/a 2.8 n/a none
GLM Formula A* 20 1.5 100% Healthy heart
Olive Oil 1850 2.7 0.6% Healthy heart
Fish Oil 1850 1.8 0.9% Healthy heart
Salmon Oil 1850 2 0.8% Healthy heart
Flaxseed Oil 1900 1.7 0.9% Healthy heart
Evening Primrose Oil 1900 1.5 1.1% Healthy heart
Aspirin 300 1.5 6.7% Gastrointestinal bleeding
Ibuprofen 50 1.4 42.9% Liver damage

* “GLM Formula A” is formulated with 4mg of green-lipped mussel oil and 16mg of olive oil. We believe Moxxor to be far superior to this formula, as every 20mg of Moxxor contains more than twice the amount of green-lipped mussel oil found in “GLM Formula A,” combined with deep marine fish oil as the second ingredient.

Although we do not yet have the clinical trial data documenting this, we believe upcoming clinical trials will show Moxxor to be at least two times the potency of “Formula A” that was used in this study. Moxxor is made only with raw, fresh green-lipped mussel oil and is never freeze-dried or heated. Moxxor is planning clinical trials that we believe will show these higher potency scores, and the results of those studies will be made public as soon as they are available.

20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 123 times more potent than 100% salmon oil!

Based on this interpretation of the study data**:

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 2.3 times more potent than ibuprofen, without the potential for liver damage!

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 15 times more potent than aspirin, without the gatrointestinal bleeding!

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 95 times more potent than evening primrose oil

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 108 times more potent than flaxseed oil

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 123 times more potent than salmon oil

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 111 times more potent than fish oil

• 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 166 times more potent than olive oil

What does this mean for you?

It means:

If you suffer from pain, swelling or other symptoms commonly associated with arthritis, you may benefit from taking Moxxor**.

In a clinical trial conducted at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, UK, preparations of green-lipped mussel extract were shown to benefit 76 percent of rheumatoid arthritis patients and 70 percent of osteoarthritic patients(10).

Can Moxxor work for you? You can purchase Moxxor at a $10 discount using the “preferred customer” link on the right.Moxxor comes with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee of results.

Article written by Mike Adams

Here’s what Moxxor users have to say about it

“I have been struggling with hip bursitis for over two years. The pain was so bad that it would even wake me up in the night. Since the ibuprofen did not seem to help, my doctor said the next step would be steroid injections. After taking Moxxor for three weeks I am pain free! I have also noticed an immense improvement with my concentration and overall skin health. The product is amazing beyond words!” – Eric, UPS driver, Michigan

“The pain is completely gone!

“For the past two years I’ve had pain in both my elbows and left rotator cuff. (Due to old injuries) The pain in my shoulder was severe. I’ve tried many different health formulas that were guaranteed to work, nothing helped. I was skeptical when I read about Moxxor on NaturalNews.com, but I know Mike Adams does a thorough investigation before the product is introduced to his readers so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using Moxxor for almost a month the pain in my elbows is completely gone and my shoulder is at least 90% improved. Moxxor truly is a remarkable product.” – Darla Tatman, Founder of Go-Organic-Now.com, Indiana

“Decreased pain and increased energy”

“The first day I took Moxxor, I noticed less pain and more energy. In less than two weeks, I was able to walk my dog for over an hour, when before I could barely make it 15 minutes. One evening, I twisted my wrist. I planned to go the next morning to get a wrist brace. After taking my Moxxor the next morning, I noticed that the pain had disappeared, so I didn’t need a brace. I have continued to have decreasing pain and increased energy while taking Moxxor.” – Pam Dibbern in Houston, Texas

“Can finally play racquetball!”

“Less than a month ago I was introduced to Moxxor. I started taking it daily in place of my favorite brand of fish oil containing primrose for women. Immediately I experienced an energetic alertness on just one capsule. I was so excited that I wanted to see what two capsules would do. Amazingly, after a few exercise regimens there was no longer any burning pain lingering in my shoulder that was badly injured 19 years ago. Taking Moxxor has not only eased my shoulder joint movement but has also enabled me to endure more rigorous and extended exercises. Now I’m really anxious to finally learn how to play racquetball!” – Tina Gunther

“Added over 20 yards to my golf drive!”

“My husband of almost 50 years, Jerry, also a Moxxor distributor, is amazed at the changes Moxxor has made. He was a plumber all his working life and it paid a huge toll on his body. He’s also had diabetes for 60 years. He’s been on Moxxor for less than 2 months but noticed these changes with 2 weeks. He’s standing straighter, walking better (no more electric carts at Wal-Mart) and has more energy overall. But, the best thing, according to Jerry, he’s added over 20 yards to his golf drive. This is after a summer of deciding to quit golf for good. He’s back in the game and we’re both loving it. As for myself, my golf drives are much better because my shoulders don’t hurt. Moxxor is an amazing product. Thank you Mike for making this possible for both of us.” – Gail Rollo

“Sleep has improved greatly!”

“After taking Moxxor for three days I notice a big difference, I’m real clear headed, I just full so much lighter and my overall wellbeing has improved greatly. I’m able to absorb the data from books and other reading materials. At work it’s easier to resolve solutions to different problems, come up with better ideas. I feel my over all brain function has improved greatly. My sleep has improved greatly; I sleep much sounder and I’m able to wake up more refreshed. My, hair and skin is much healthier and seems to glow. My wife has had pain in her side and after a week of taking Moxxor, the pain is completely gone. We are all so very lucky that John and Noel Turner have come up with this great product. I have always been the type of person to try something for myself. When I tried Moxxor and it worked, it seemed amazing and that’s why I decided to become a distributor; not only for the financial opportunity but also the opportunity to help others achieve greater health. I’m very pleased to be associated with such an ethical group of people, from John and Noel Turner as well as the entire Moxxor team. I also want to personally thank Mike Adams and the entire Moxxor NaturalNews team for all the great support and inspiration. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To your health.” – John, Cambridge Maryland

“No longer sore from hours of digging!”

“In my spare time I dig and mine gemstones, crystals and minerals in the mountains of Maine. One way that I find crystals is by driving an hour and a half into the mountains, hiking for two hours up a mountain with a bunch of digging tools, dig like a machine for hours on end, hike back down the mountain with a backpack full of Amethyst, and my tools, then drive home for another hour and a half. Needless to say, by the end of the day I have incurred some serious inflammation. Doing this before taking Moxor would leave me sore for at least 2-3 days. Now that I take this product, I do not even get sore and can in fact go multiple days in a row with nothing but positive side effects! Seriously! What is this stuff!!?? This product is the most exciting nutritional I have ever used in my entire life! And believe me, I have always taken only the best supplements that the world has to offer! Just a side note, when I engage in the strenuous physical activities that I have described above, I take at least 10-12 pills a day. When I am not that active I usually take 4-5.” – Seth Leaf, CEO and Owner of Living Nutz Living Organic Foods

“Pain in my back was gone!”

“I have had ongoing back pain for the last 6 or more years due to sitting many hours at work. The last year or so the pain has gotten really unbearable. My sciatic nerve was affected and I could not sit at the computer or the desk to do my work, so I had to stand all day. Within about 4 days after starting on Moxxor I noticed the pain in my back was gone. I quit taking the Moxxor to see if the pain would return, which it did, so I started taking Moxxor again and the pain subsided totally. I took Moxxor for about a month and then quit to see if the pain in my back would return. It did not return!! Since that time I take Moxxor 3 times a day and I have been completely pain free and feel great! I cannot believe that this product is so awesome. Thank you so much for finding and introducing Moxxor to me. I trust in you and the information you provide. It is such a great feeling to know that there is someone else out there that really cares about the health and wellbeing of others the way I do.” – Deb Batty

“No soreness after pitching softball!”

“My name is Mark Blair and I am a 57 year old fast-pitch softball player that loves Moxxor! Back in October I was invited to a fall practice at our local Junior College to pitch a simulation game. I hadn’t thrown a ball underhand for over a month and knew that I’d be extremely sore the next day. I threw almost 200 pitches and was only slightly sore the next day and on my second day (which is usually the worst for soreness) I was only slightly sore. Incredible! Two Moxxor in the morning and two in the afternoon. Moxxor rocks!” – Mark Blair, Tucson, Arizona

Keeps up with the kids’ marching band!

“I have been using Moxxor for about 3 weeks. I have good results, if not superior results, to report in pain and swelling abatement. I’m a 62 year old music teacher. I am required to teach general and instrumental music, lead the 4-8th grade band and march with them in the annual Christmas parade. Some days have been an absolute nightmare, trying to keep up with my K-3 music kids and my band and my private students. My job, my ability as a musician and my self respect all hinge on being physically functional. Recently, the parents started seeing a difference in me. Lately, the parents are calling me to find out what I am on, that has enabled me to be so active with the children. They have noticed, and they are calling me to tell me all their complaints, wondering if what I am on will help them. How exciting is that?” – Jo Ellard

Pain free after cancer treatment

“Hi Mike, I wanted to give you this report regarding the administration of Moxxor in larger than average amounts. I am currently working with a 78 year old woman with metastasized stage 4 cancer of the bone. It all started with a diagnosis of cancer of the bladder two years ago. After two rounds of chemo, she suffered a major heart attack and severe nausea. This was then followed by radiation, which made her so sick that she could not continue. Thereafter, they removed her bladder and all of her female organs leaving her completely enervated and without hope. I began working with her this past April using all of the natural protocols with which I am familiar. Her progress has been very good but she has been suffering a lot of pain in spite of everything that we’ve tried. I placed her on 10 (that’s right…ten) MOXXOR capsules per day divided into two doses with meals. For the first time in almost 18 months, she is now COMPLETELY pain-free! We went for a walk today. She’s crying for joy. So am I. Thanks. And please thank the guys at Moxxor for us both.” – Jim (requested name anonymity due to medical practice)

Who may potentially benefit from Moxxor?

Moxxor’s benefits go beyond the anti-inflammatory effects of green-lipped mussel oil. Others who may benefit from Moxxor include**:

• Children and teens (see ADHD comments on right)
• Athletes and active individuals
• Elderly patients currently experiencing inflammation
• Adults wishing to enhance their omega-3 nutrition
• Expectant mothers looking for a mercury-free source of omega-3s
• Individuals wishing to support their heart health
• Anyone suffering from the signs of omega-3 deficiency

Moxxor is an excellent source of high-potency marine omega-3 fatty acids, and it may exhibit beneficial support for neurological health, heart health, healthy moods, skin health and many other areas of human biology**.

Why Moxxor is superior to competing products

Moxxor is the only green-lipped mussel product in the world that delivers raw, naturally-preserved (with grape seed extract), unadulterated green-lipped mussel oil in a capsule with no fillers, no chemicals and no questionable ingredients.

Competing products contain inferior “filler” ingredients that offer no therapeutic benefits and may, in fact, compromise the effectiveness of their supplements. One competing name-brand product is made from: Stabilized (freeze-dried) Marine Lipid Extract, Olive Oil, Gelatin, Sorbitol (a sugar alcohol), Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E and Soybean Oil.

Soybean oil? That’s high in omega-6 fatty acids, which are the very fatty acids people already consume in excess quantities! Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol commonly used in cough syrups, and it has laxative effects that may be unwelcomed. Vegetable glycerin is a chemical used in pharmaceuticals, skin care products, shaving cream and personal lubricants. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycerin) It’s also a laxative, too.

Do you really want to be eating sugar alcohol chemicals, glycerin and cheap soybean oil fillers? That’s the whole point of these ingredients, of course: To create “cheap fillers” that make the capsule look larger than it needs to be. Moxxor uses no fillers. Each one of the three ingredient in Moxxor is put there for a therapeutic purpose.

What’s NOT in Moxxor is just as important…

In addition to using just three simple ingredients (green-lipped mussel oil, deep marine omega-3 fish oil and grape seed extract), Moxxor has undergone comprehensive lab testing certifying it to be:

• Free of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or lead
• Free of any detectable traces of over 180 pesticides
• Free of PCBs or other chemical contaminants

This is because Moxxor is grown in pristine aquaculture farms located off the coast of New Zealand. The waters are pristine, unpolluted and tightly regulated by the New Zealand government. No fish feed of any kind is introduced into the aquaculture farms, and the green-lipped mussels feed exclusively off the naturally-occurring marine phytoplanktonpresent in the waters that flow northward from the Antarctica.

Many fish oil products contain bizarre chemical ingredients

Beware of low-cost fish oil products!

A NaturalNews investigation revealed that Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Fish Oil Concentrate (sold at Costco retail stores) may contain the following chemicals:

Methacrylic Acid Copolymer, Ethylcellulose, Sodium Alginate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Phthalate, Medium Chain Triglyceride, Triacetin, Oleic Acid, Stearic Acid, Ammonium Hydroxide, Polyethylene Glycol

Polyethylene Glycol is a chemical commonly used in personal lubricants, laxatives and toothpastes. It is being researched for use in body armor. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyethylene_glycol)

In addition, there is currently no legal requirement that fish oils disclose the levels of heavy metals contamination found in their products. Fish oil supplements are being sold today that contain potentially harmful levels of mercury, but consumers currently have no way to determine these contamination levels simply by looking at the product label.

Krill populations decline 80% – National Geographic

All the consumers taking krill oil supplements need to think twice about what they’re doing: Krill populations have plummeted 80 percent across the world’s oceans, and because krill are a major food source for marine mammals, whales populations may already be impacted by the non-sustainable harvesting of krill.

The bottom line is that if you take krill oil supplements, you are harming whales. This is one reason why so many are switching to green-lipped mussels for a sustianable, eco-friendly source of marine omega-3 fatty acids.

From National Geographic“Krill feed on phytoplankton, microscopic, single-celled plants that drift near the ocean’s surface and live off carbon dioxide and the sun’s rays. They in turn are the main staple in the diets of literally hundreds of different animals, from fish, to birds, to baleen whales. Simply put, without krill, most of the life forms in the Antarctic would disappear. Alarmingly, there are recent studies that show Antarctic krill stocks may have dropped by 80 percent since the 1970s…”

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Fish oils are essential for great health.

February 3, 2010

Every day I have people ask me why they should take fish oil and is there’s a good product.  I could go into detail about the benefits but you’ll have to come to my 30 minute workshop at my clinic on monday night to get the details.  In short, most chronic diseases are due to to much stress and a poor lifestyle that create inflammation.  Inflammation is the terrible effect of eating poorly, and not moving like we were made to.  Omega 3 fish oils are anti-inflammatory and are called essential fatty acids because our brains,nervous sytems and all our cells need them to be healthy.  The problem is we have a 20:1 ratio of omega 6 faty acids to omega 3.  Ideally we’d like that to be 2:1.  Omega 6 you’ll find in any oils or meats that are grain fed. 

What’s the best kind?  Moxxor is the best.  It’s pricy but you get what you pay for.  Don”t buy the stuff at the supermarket or GNC since it’s cheap and probably will cause more harm than any good.  Most fish oils are oxidized(kind of like rusting out) by heat, sunlight and packaging, and are full of crap or watered down or have lead and other heavy metals in them which are toxic to your nervous system.  Only put good things in your mind and body and guess what comes back?  Do that over time and your health gets better and you can live to your fullest potential. 

Speaking of potential, if you are subluxated you can”t be at your best.  how do you know if you are?  You have to get checked, it’s as simple as that.  i’m plugging myself here but I don;t care who you see everyone should get their spine checked.   We check our teeth, we check every thing else but wait until our spine is a wreck which isn;t pro-active and you suffer needlessly.  I hear this on occasions, “once you got to go you always have to go to a Chiropractor”  If you don’t have any stress in your life then you probably don”t need to go and let me know where there isn”t any stress and I’ll join you.  I get adjusted weekly and reccomend that for those who are looking to be at their best and assist with the effects of chronic stressors in our life. 

OK, that’s it for this week.  3 weeks until the Birkie.  I’m getting fit and feel like I’m ready to race.  Staying healthy is the key when you physically train hard and have to live life also.  A lot of people get sick because htey overdue it with training so there is a fine line and I mean finne between getting sick or having a poor race becasue your body isn;t rested enough.

Have a great rest of the week, more snow for the weekend so get outside and enjoy it!!

Practice the tough stuff

January 26, 2010

Some of the things I do not like to do are working on  things I’m not very good at. Confrontational skills need work.   I am not good at fixing cars, putting toys together, fixing things around the house,  and keeping things organized.  We all have things we are good or not so good at.  Let us take a look at what a little discipline regarding lifestyle can look like.

Is losing weight hard?  Is working out hard?  Is sticking to your Chiropractic care plan hard?  It is if you think it is.  You may have challenges sometimes but making time for a workout daily has got to be a priority you don;t mess with.  Your care plan with me or who ever is something that your health must be a priority for you if you want to be your best.  Working on communication in your relationships in life takes work, it sometimes just doesn;t magically happen.  Coming up with money for the important things in life can be challenging but we come up with the money for things we truly value.  That’s the question you have to answer yourself.  What really is important to you?  Now how can you create a life that supports your lifestyle.  I’m not talking about materialistic things but the things that truly matter to you like family and your health.  It’s easy  for me to write these things and much harder to practice but I’m doing my best to be a better listener, be a better Chiropractor, be a better father, be a better health coach for you.

If you are inspired to work at your health and not merely just feel better then these blog posts probably resoante with you.  I sincerely hope you take one action step each week from these and move forward with them.  We live life somewhere between all the highs and lows of life and that’s where we learn about ourself.  For me it’s about sticking to a daily routine, being disciplined in eating, moving, and thinking better when I don;t want to, and listen more and talk less.  The last one is always my most challenging. 

OK, raced last weekend at Balsam Branch and that was a tough one but a lot of fun.  Only one more month until the Birkie.  Until next time, practice the not so easy things and let me know how your experience is.  Dr. E

Are you stuck in the rubble of life?

January 21, 2010

I’ve been watching a little to much of  CNN’s coverage of the Haiti Earthquake.  Incredible tragic even for those people but what amazes me is how these people can survive.  Last night they pulled a 70 year old grandma out who was in pretty good shape after being basically buried alive for 6 days, and today after 7 days they pulled a 7 year old out who was fine other than severe dehydration.

If something like that happened to me it would test my faith like never before.  You are either going to survive or you are going to die.  I can;t imagine what these people are going through. 

I wonder what the survival rate would be for the average american if they were in this position.  Lets give an example.  Lets say they are 50 year old male whose 50 pounds over weight, is on high blood pressure, high cholesterol medication, some sleeping meds, and also on anti-depressants.  How long would they survive the stress of an event like this?  I doubt not near as long as a local Haitian.  Why, because the average american is really not very healthy.  Two thirds of Americans are overweight, 50% do not get enough fruits and vegetables, 2/3’s  don;t workout on a regular basis, and most of us are all emotionally and possibly financially stressed in these times. 

Harsh, but true.  Now is the time to take charge of your health and your life.  I see people daily who have neglected their body and mind for too long and look to me for their quick fix.  Yes, pain relief is great but fixing and managing your chronic poor life style is going to take a shift in how you think and how you live your life if you truly want to be healthy. 

If you want to live to 100 and have a quality of life that is rewarding what are you going to have to do.  One of the things I’m very disciplined  in  is my exercise routine.   I make that a number one priority and try to get it in as soon as I can in the day so I don’t make an excuse not to get in in.   Your spine needs to move and the disc needs to live and exercise is crucial for this.  Regular Chiropractic adjustments are essential for good spinal health and good nervous system health.   There is nothing worse for me than seeing X-rays that are completely fused with decay.  A stiff rigid spine causes you to age prematurely and causes health problems let alone bad back pain. 

If you have not been in for a while get in and let me check your spine to see how you are doing. Lets go over how you are doing with your lifestyle also.  An ounce of prevention is worth a poud of gold. 

It’s been great outside so get out and walk and partake in winter outdoor activities.  I got a great 2 hour interval ski on the Birkei trail with felllow Chiros Ryan Hansen of Hayward Wi, nad Dave Leske of Dresser who also jsut opened his own office in Edina.  Come watch us at the Birkie this year, it’s going to be a great one. 

Ok, time to run, make it a great day and take action today to be healthier.  Remember, it never costs you a dime to have a consult with me.  Dr. E

Baby steps are the way to go.

January 5, 2010

I  get a little nervous right around the new years.  I start thinking about all the potential I want in my life, and how I can help others and sometimes I think who do I need to be in order for that to happen.  That’s t he tough question.  That’s something that we all may stuggle with at times. 

Lets look at one common example that I hear of every year.   “I want to lose weight and get back in shape like I was years ago”.  The good news is that most people were at one time in pretty decent shape so they remember what it was like..  What the heck happened you may think.  Life got in the way, priorites changed and the weight crept on, you started to feel not so hot about yourself and you may have thought how am I going to get back taking care of myself.

The biggest thing is to be aware of where you are at right now and then take some form of action. 

My number one action step for you is to start moving.  If you sit 8 hours at a computer you will have a prematured degenerated spine.  Sitting to the spine is like sugar to the teeth.  You have to get moving.  Stand up hourly against a wall with your heels, buttocks, mid shoulder blades, back of your head against the wall and now bring both arms 90 degrees to your head (so you look like 2 goal posts) and slide your arms up and down 10x.  Do this hourly it will really help your posture.  Then you need to start adding some form of strength and aerobic to your daily workouts.

Lets say you want to lose 20 pounds by your class reunion this summer.  (my 30th is this summer!)   Obviously you need to clean the diet up.  Start with an anti-inflammatory diet.  Basically it is cutting all the crap carbs out.  Go to www.deflame.com download the guidelines and upload the mp3 lecture by Dr. Seaman.  Great stuff.   

In the process of losing the weight and getting active again focus on biting off small increments of improvement.  If you lost one pound per week that’s easily enough to reach your goal.  That may be one sugar pop a week for you.   We always want to get to the top of the mountain fast.  Lets focus on the foothills and you’ll see that you are having success and not failure. 

 Patience is a virtue with your health and it takes a lot of work.  Take it one day at a time, one choice at a time and don’t get discouraged.   Some of you may be self motivated where you know what you need to do and you jsut need to get at it.  Soem of you may need a coach or trainer, or a workout partner for the accountability.  Whatever it takes just  make it happen.  For me I love the benefits of working out.  It always outweighs not doing anything. 

If you  haven’t worked out for a while, start easy so you don;t get injured.  Many people stop because of injury.  Start with a warm up to get your body moving and then get your workout in and then a cool down. You just have to start and then committ to doing a minimum of 3 workouts per week.  I reccomend 4-5. 

The benefits far outweigh the fear and doubt you may have.  After 30 years I still have fear and doubt sometimes about exercise and somedays my biggest challenges is just showing up.  Start showing up and then keep showing up and your life will change for the better. 

This is the same thing when people come to my office.  Problems take time to develop, symptoms are usually the last thing to come on, our lifestyle generally has caused the problem, and it takes time, frequency and committment to working on your self for a lifetime if you want to have the potential to be your healthiest. We take care of our teeth, our eyes, our babies, but we neglect our spine and nervous system until we are a wreck  and our health is compromised to where we can’t do what we want to.  Start right now with a committment to yourself that you want to have better health for 2010.  I’m here as your Chiropractor and coach to lead you along your journey.    Until next time, small baby steps will get you safely healthier for 2010 and beyond.   P.s.  It’s cold out but if it’s above zero and not windy you can safely get a workout in outside if you choose.   Dr. E

What do you really want for 2010?

December 29, 2009

We are right at the end of 2009 and 2010 is here upon us.  At this time of year I take a few minutes to reflect on the past year.  Some apsects are going well and some definately need some major work.  I guess I’m somewhere inbetween if I looked at all aspects.  I do know that I am always looking for never ending progress in how I relate to patients, my family, my wife, and of course you. 

Listening is still probably the number one thing I am working on.  Oh that can be tough since I love to talk.  Working on my strengths such as my fitness life is easy, the hard ones seem to be things I can not control.  Does that ring a bell for anyone?  Today I’m getting a blank piece of paper out and writing down what I want and who do I need to be in order for my wants to become reality. 

The number one thing you can do is to take action on your thoughts.  I can write down all these great intentions but if I don’t take action on them then nothing changes.  Take one idea and then write down what it is going to take of you and then take immediate action.  For example.  I’m going to do my spinal exercises everyday before I go to work.  I know this will take me only 3 minutes.  The benefit is better posture, gets me in tune with my body, creates more flexibilty and stability, reduces my chances of degeneration or injury, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphin release, etc. etc.  It’s not any harder or any longer than a good brush of the teeth and floss.  I do know if we wore our spines on the outside and had to look at them like our teeth we’d all take better care of our spine.

Plan and take action, plan and take action, plan and take action.  I know you can do it. 

If you fail just get up and try again.   Test it, retest, and modify or change if you have to.  It’s kind of like when I ski, I have to train to get in shape for a race, and have to modify things based on temperature, wax conditions, humidity, firmness of trail, etc.  Joe Mauer won the batting title again this year and he made an out 65% of the time.  I know I get stuck on some of my own fears of failure, or rejection, or whatever, but I try to keep moving forward.  Sports have helped me with this since it is a great playground for learning. 

Keep giving yourself away to others and have fun in the process.  Develop yourself and I can’t wait to hear from you about the successess you will have in 2010. 

Let me know what you like about the blog or what you would like to hear more of.  If you have a request I will write about it. 

Thanks for reading !!!  Oh, by the way, Mary and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary New Year’s eve.  Wow, that was a quick 16 years. 

P.S.  New things for 2010 at  the clinic.  Digital x-ray system coming first week of January.   You’ll be able to have state of the art X-rays taken with less radiation, perfect quality every time.  I can make a CD of it.  I can email them for referral immediately if necessary, no more fussing with film or fluids, no more dark room hassels.  We will also be going completely paperless in our clinic.  This along with Spinal decompresion, laser therapy, and brain based therapies for chronic conditions I feel we provide the best natural care that your body mind requires in order to have maximal potential for being healthy. 

P. S.P.S.  Here is a quick short read from Dr. Mercola.

Avoid These 7 Foods and You’re Off To A Healthier New Year
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
December 29 2009 | 82,641 views


1. Canned Tomatoes

The expert: Fredrick vom Saal, PhD, an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A

The resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to ailments ranging from reproductive problems to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Acidity — a prominent characteristic of tomatoes — causes BPA to leach into your food.

2. Corn-Fed Beef

The expert: Joel Salatin, co-owner of Polyface Farms and author of books on sustainable farming

Cattle were designed to eat grass, not grains. But farmers today feed their animals corn and soybeans, which fatten up the animals faster for slaughter. A recent comprehensive study found that compared with corn-fed beef, grass-fed beef is higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

3. Microwave Popcorn

The expert: Olga Naidenko, PhD, a senior scientist for the Environmental Working Group

Chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), in the lining of the bag, are part of a class of compounds that may be linked to infertility in humans. In animal testing, the chemicals cause liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. Studies show that microwaving causes the chemicals to vaporize — and migrate into your popcorn.

4. Nonorganic Potatoes

The expert: Jeffrey Moyer, chair of the National Organic Standards Board

Root vegetables absorb herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides that wind up in soil. In the case of potatoes they’re treated with fungicides during the growing season, then sprayed with herbicides to kill off the fibrous vines before harvesting. After they’re dug up, the potatoes are treated yet again to prevent them from sprouting.

5. Farmed Salmon

The expert: David Carpenter, MD, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany

Nature didn’t intend for salmon to be crammed into pens and fed soy, poultry litter, and hydrolyzed chicken feathers. As a result, farmed salmon is lower in vitamin D and higher in contaminants, including carcinogens, PCBs, brominated flame retardants, and pesticides such as dioxin and DDT.

6. Milk Produced with Artificial Hormones

The expert: Rick North, project director of the Campaign for Safe Food at the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Milk producers treat their dairy cattle with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST, as it is also known) to boost milk production. But rBGH also increases udder infections and even pus in the milk. It also leads to higher levels of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor in milk. In people, high levels of IGF-1 may contribute to breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

7. Conventional Apples

The expert: Mark Kastel, codirector of the Cornucopia Institute

If fall fruits held a “most doused in pesticides contest,” apples would win. And increasing numbers of studies are starting to link a higher body burden of pesticides with Parkinson’s disease.


  Yahoo Shine November 24, 2009




Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

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This is one of the best “foods to avoid” lists I’ve seen come out of the mainstream media. It is very rare when this happens, but I agree with every food on this list.The reality is that most food nowadays is far from pure. Pesticide residues have been detected in 50 percent to 95 percent of all commercially grown U.S. foods, and that is only one type of toxin.

Remember the Sears catalog?

December 22, 2009

Every year the Christmas season seems to come and go faster and faster.  I remember as a child looking through the Sears and J.C. Penny catalogs.  I had those catalogs memorized.  The train sets were my favorites, then I graduated to Hot Wheels, and then it was getting ski’s.  Oh, I remember getting a plastic slide and we would take turns sliding down the steps inside where we lived above the funeral home to the downstairs bashing our bodies against the wall at night.  We would then get up early and play with our gifts until mom was tired of us and then we’d go outside and keep playing until someone told us we had to come in or I got hungry.  That’s over 40 years ago now but I remember it like yesterday.  I’m sure you all have fond memories of your Christmas’s with family.  This is the season for families, friends, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  It’s also a time for fun winter activites and with another snowstorm approaching tomorrow it will be a snowy Christmas that everyone will remember.  The last big snowstorm I drove in to get home was back in 1987.  I was in Park Falls Wi. and had just been there a couple weeks practicing and I had to work until 3pm on Christmas eve.  It had started snowing heavily at noon and I adventured out in the snow with my 1980 Chevy Citation XL and couldn’t go over 35 MPH and it took me 5 hours to get home. Mom’s home made stuffing was pretty much gone but mom saved a big plate of food as they anxiously had awaited my arrival.  No cell phomes back then, just plenty of worried folks.

We are having Cristmas eve at my folks in St. Croix Falls and then having Mary’s family over for Christmas day.  I’m especially happy to still have my parents around.  My dad has been in poor health for many years but keeps surprising us all as he keeps getting to every St. Croix falls athletic event.  Mom had a tough year with her heart but had a successful by-pass surgery at Mayo and looks and moves better now than she did 20 years ago. 

I want to wish all of you a blessed holiday season.  Count your blessings every night before you go to bed.  God wants you to have a prosperous life in all aspects.  I look forward to guiding you to a better quality of life and seeing you all be healthier in 2010 then 2009.  You are never done working on being healthy so enjoy the journey as much as you do the holidays.  For those of you that have lost friends and family this year I know that the holidays can be a tough time.  Hang in there , I’ll be thinking of you.     Until after Christmas, leave a little stuffing for Santa.   Dr. E

Brain health for the holidays.

December 15, 2009

I just got in from a session of interval training at Troll Hollow and it was brutal cold.  New gloves  couldn’t keep my hands warm.  One reward Dave Leske and I do is get a cup of hot cocoa after stressing our body to make us faster on the x-ski’s.  Boy, that tasted so good today. 

I heard something today from the NIH(National institute of health) that absolutely stunned me.  59% of all adults do zero exercise.  Are you kidding me?   Wow!  If 40% do get exercise I wonder how many do it frequently, and add some form of strength or resistance training along with aerobic training? 

Our ancestors who  were hunter gathers and even today there are tribes on this planet who are hunter gather’s who have zero diabetes, hypertension, and  minimal cardiovascular and degenerative  diseases.  These people move their bodies on average of 4-5 hours per day.  They eat meat that is wild which is not grain fed.  It is high in omega 3’s which are excellent for the brain and just about every other organ and cell in your body. 

Our body and mind have adapted from movement based to a sedentary based.  This sedentary lifestyle is destructive to healthy posture, wears on your nervous system and will preceed and cause old age.  It will also be toxic to your brain.  A lot of people get depressed around the holidays.  No sunlight, not enough exercise, financial stress, kids driving you nuts, poor diet, to much partying around the holidays and you will be driving yourself into more depression and anxiety and sleepless nights.   Remember your body wasn’t designed to have this chronic stress over months and years.  It does the right thing by getting anxious and depressed, hypertension, insomnia, fibro fog of your brain, dizziness, headaches, back pain, most of these are all stress related illnesses that can be prevented by changing your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips. 

1.  More sunlight.  Even though it was cold, I got out and got some sun.  If not, get a sunlight.  Go to www.mercola.com and you can order one.  They work great.

2.  More exercise.  Zero degrees, I was out there.  Find something you like and just go for it.  We also have great classes at Wild River fitness.  Join me tomorrow night for Heather and Judy’s bodyflow class which is a great class combining yoga and pilates. 

3.  Add more omega 3″s(fish oils).  I’ve got 2 great kinds I use.  If your’s smell rancid they are and throw away. 

4.  Cut grains and grain fed meats.  Go to www.deflame.com and download the guidelines.  They also have mp3 lecture on the deflaming guidelines.  This is an antiinflammatory diet.   Inflammation causes disease. 

5.  Regular adjustments stimulate  the cerebellum which slows the upper brainstem down which has a calming effect and allows the brain to function properly.

6.  I just got my neurotransmitters checked at Neuroscience here in Osceola.  I think this is going to be a big part of my practice as this can beenfit so many people who have way to much stress in their life.  I’ll be posting more information about this and how you can get tested in the upcoming weeks.

7.  More hydration.  You lose more water in the winter than the summer if you are out in the cold so be sure to hydrate.

8.  Get plenty of sleep.  I need 8-9 hours for full recovery.

9.  Count your blessings

10.  Attitude is everything.  What one positive thing will you do today to help your mind body be better?

OK, that’s it for this week.  I’ll see you on the trails!  Dr. E.   p.s.  The “D” train spent $1200 on Cross country ski equipment today.  Only 74 days until his first Birkie.  P.S.P.S.  Cross country skiing changed my life.  You want to know more about it just give me a jingle or go to www.skinnyski.com

Tiger, Turkey Bowl, and Golf.

November 30, 2009

Wow, it was a crazy busy last 5 days.  The 21st annual Turkey Bowl was another success.  The red team beat the black team 30-24.  We had a chance to win on the last play of the game but just could not pull it off after a valiant effort.  We were outmatched, but we hung in there.  There where no broken bones or concussions this year but I’m still a little sore from the game and I’ve been working out.  Check out the photos, you may recognize some of the guys playing. 

I got some good working out this weekend.  Back at roller skiing with the boys and the Sunday run bunch at William O’Brien sure was fun.  All we need now is some snow and we will be ready to start the cross country skiing.  Amy Frischmann says they are busy at Wild Mountain and welcomes all of you for a great day of skiing.

Well I got my fix of carbs this Thanksgiving.  My sister Jude made a killer stuffing and I stuffed myself.  Glad that’s only a few times a year.  I feel and do so much better when I do things in moderation.  4 pieces of pie was a bit too much also but it was so good.

Mary and I saw the movie Blindside, the Sandra Bullock movie about Micheal Ohre the offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.  What an inspiring story it was.  It just goes to show you that you really can accomplish anything if you put your heart and mind and dedicate yourself.  It helps to have a great support system.  I try to be a support system for you.  I can lead you to better health but you have to want it and want to work on it daily.  You body-mind will reward you if you do with great health and a sense of well-being, and that is priceless.

We all are looking for great deals this time of year but a little investment in your health is the best investment.  The “D Train”, Connor and myself went out on Friday afternoon and it was still crazy.  So glad I didn’t buy that TV, even though it was a great deal.

Dave Leske and I golfed on Friday afternoon in St. Croix.  Dave shot par and I kind of hacked around but we sure had fun.  I love to play and make the most of my time away form the office.  We also got the Christmas tree up and it looks great.  It’s really dry this year.  No candles on this one.

OK, less than a month to Christmas.  A lot of people get caught up in the chaos of Christmas and forget to take care of themselves.  Do one thing healthy for yourself  today and for the next 30 days and you’ll be surprised buy your success.   You can do it!!  Mary and I are here for you, go out and make someone else’s day a great day!  Dr. E

Have a great Thanksgivng!

November 24, 2009

 This past year has been a great year for me.  I got reunited with old Gopher football players which was a thrill for me again.  Mom got through her bypass and is doing great now.  Riley had a great summer in baseball and Connor is swimming hard year round, and Mary is still enjoying working with me.    Now some people would say working with your spouse could be disaster for a relationship.  I guess it’s how you look at it.  Mary does a great job at the things I just don’t like to do and is great with all of you.  I’m grateful for her and her committment to our practice. 

Last night I was at a forum at the Osceola High School on Steroids and other performance enhancers.  I know there was a few guys using the juice as we called it but I think it was much more of a problem years after I had left the U.  What was a problem was binge drinking and the use of pot.  The black guys used a lot of pot and the white guys drank.  For me it was a release after a hard week of trying to do everything on and off the field.  Our release was saturday night and it was ususally a party on saturday night and you would just get lit up.  I never once went out my freshman year during school nights since I was committed to geting good grades and doing the right thing.  But when weekends came along look out.  I wonder if much has changed in 30 years for teens and young adults?  Whatt I see now is much more use of OTC drugs like anti-inflammatories which were once prescription only and many other OTC’s that really are a detriment to your health but are used commonly everyday.   

My message to the students was that your body is like a temple and the better you take great care of it the better it will respond for you.  This is the best performance enhancer.  For me it’s eating a anti-inflammatory diet, getting 8 hours a sleep a night, exercising daily, and getting adjusted and a massage weekly.  Having success with your health is something we can all have and is much easier than dealing with consequences of not dealing with your health.  Most chronic conditions are a result of to much stress on our mind-body and the body has just adapted the way it was designed to.  You are either working towards health or away form it everyday with your choices.  

Turkey Bowl is Thanksgiving morning at the Osceola football field at 10:30-to noon.  This is our 21st year and I’m ready for a great game.  Come on by and watch and if you are up to it how about playing?  It’s pretty intense but it’s one of the highlights of the year for all of us who play.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and say a little dressing for me!!  Dr. E.  p.s.  We will be closed this friday.



Are your weekends exciting?

November 17, 2009

Wow, what a great week and weekend I had.  It was highlighted by my friend Bob Sudler who came up from Miami for business and was able to come up and spend some time with Mary and I in the St. Croix Valley.  Bob’s a great guy and I’m so appreciative that he called me a year ago for the Gopher reunion.  I loved being able to show him the Valley.  I think he wanted a tour of the funeral home but it was locked up.  When we were kids we never had the doors locked.  People would be soscared to dare go in a funeral home.  I’ve got to take that back.  On a couple of occasions when the trains used to come through St. Croix Falls we’d get some Hobo’s who were either drunk or mentally ill who would stagger up the steps looking for food, clothes, or glasses so they could see.  Here’s a picture below of former Gophers getting together at the Game/

Adam Kelly, Bob Sudler, Jeff Moritko, Steve Edling

 Talk about a lousy game.  The Gophers barely beat Divison 2 South Dakota State.  I thought it would be a 40 point victory.  You better show up with your game face on and be ready to play.  I kept hearing whispers of Dungy for coach.  If the Gophers played every play as hard as the Jackrabbits they could compete with anyone. 

Here is what’s going on at the clinic.  I’ve got a new non-surgical decompression unit that works fantastic for many different back and neck conditions like disc problems, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, facet syndrome, subluxation degeneration, and many other problems that effect people daily.  You don’t have to suffer anymore.  If you want to experience what spinal decompression feels like just email me and I’ll give you a free session. 

We also have low level laser therapy which is extremely cool.  I’ve been using it for my shoulder problem and it’s working great.  I’m having great success with it on Carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy cases.  It’s exciting to be adding these new therapies along with Oxygen therapy to help you all out.  you may be thinking why would I use O2 in my office.  It all started with me using on myself with decompression when my back got bad this year and I got better much faster than I have ever before when my back got bad.    Your brain needs two things for survival, fuel and activation.  Your brain gets it’s fuel through the foods we eat which break down to glucose, and Oxygen which the air we breathe only consists of 21% O2 and 70% nitrogen.  I can use an oxygen concentrator and get your Oxygen up to 90%.  Your brain and nervous system will work better, mine sure does.  The activation your brain needs is exercise and some of the other things like Chiropractic adjustments, decompression, and vibration therapy.   

OK, a couple of congrats.  One to Maureen and Kevin Rogers on their 14th wedding anniversary.  Congrats to Dr. Dave Leske on opening his new Chiropractic office in Edina!!   Until next time, keep moving forward with all your challenges and opportunites!!   Dr. E

Chicago or bust!!

November 9, 2009

Good day everyone.  We finally have our Indian Summer and I’m going golfing one last time tomorrow.  Mary and I had an incredible weekend in Chicago with good friends Pete and Michelle Ward, Anne and Jason Prokop, and Doran and Jenny O’Brien.  It was for a fundraiser for Orphaned kids.  What an incredible time it was as you can see all of us dressed up in the picture below. 


All dressed up and ready to roll!!

When we got down to our hotel and while we were eating sure enough no on other than the great Mario Lemieux (Pittsburg Pengiuns star) showed up with his son who was playing in a hockey tournament.  There must have been a thousand kids from all over the country at our hotel, and even a team from Russia was there. 

We watched all the Big 10 games at a Champ’s sports bar while the girls did a little shopping.  Can you believe how the Gopheres laid an egg against Illinois?  I know our buddy Nate was not happy about the Iowa loss but they just aren’t that good. 

It was a beautiful evening and the Gala was at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle Il.  It was great to hear the stories of these orphaned kids from inner city Chicago do well in their new environments.   I guess we have it pretty good around here.  Check out the dancing scene.  Those girls put the smack down on me.  This white boy couldn’t keep up with them on the dance floor.


White man can dance?

I feel we can give charitable contributions not only through money but volunteering your time, energies, and monies locally can help so many less fortunate than ourselves.  The more you give the more you get.  If you haven’t met Pete Ward yet please do, he’s a giver big time.  We appreciate Pete and his wife Michelle and all they do not only locally but on a national level. 

Sometimes I preach to the choir to much about healthy living and forget to take care of myself in the process..  One in particular is to just get away even if it’s only for a short weekend.  Seeing new things, doing fun stuff, getting dressed up, going dancing are so fun and relaxing.  I feel so relaxed and less stressed today at work and can serve you all better when I’m not tired and stressed.  So get out and take a break, I like these action packed weekends more than taking a week off.  I think I’d miss you guys to much.  OK, go out and give yourself away with your talents!!  Dr. E  p.s. Check out how great Mary looks in her dress.

all dressed up

Lucky guy!

How you can prevent getting the flu

October 27, 2009
Coach Edling's Football team fall 2009

Here is my football team

Building your self up naturally is not only the healthiest way to potentially stay healthy and not get the flu or swine flu but is the safest and most cost effective way. 

Here is what I do, and reccomend to others. 

1.  Stay hydrated.  Most people are dehydrated, start drinking lots of water.  Pee until it’s clear.

2.  Regular exercise.  I’m off for a roller ski right after I post this.   Exercise activates your nervous system and helps your immune system stay strong. 

3.  Vitamin D.  Add 5000 I.U. daily and 4x that if your feeling like you may be getting something.  I’ve done this for years.  Most people are deficient in Vitamin D.  Especially those who don;t get sunlight.

4.  Get adjusted.  I can’t tell you how many times patients say to me that since htey have been getting regular adjustments they don;t get sick as much.  It seems like Chiro patients have an unfair advantage over others which is proven in research that oxidative stress levels are lower in adjusted people over those that aren’t by 200%.  That’s another reason why I reccomend weekly adjustments to once a month dpeending on each person.

5.  Many natural remedies such as onions, garlic, olive leaf extract, goldneseal, echineachea, and many others are great for you.

6.  Cut SUGAR!!!  This is huge.  Not justt table sugar but all forms of simple sugars.   Go to www.deflame.com and download the guidelines for an anti-inflammatory diet. 

7.  Zero junk food.

8.  Count your blessings.

9.  Stay positive

10.  Don’t live in fear of catching something, but rather how can I be healthier through how I live and think. 

Just add one of these to start and you are on your way to building your immune system up and become dis-ease proof!

Also, good hygiene is important.

Oh, by the way, did you ever think why we  have the flu now and not in July?  I await your answer.   Have a safe Halloween!!  Dr. E


October 12, 2009

This past weekend was a fun filled weekend of event after event.  First I met my good buddy from Miami Bob Sudler ans his wife Cheri and their daughter Annie who is 6.  We met at the Campus Pizza which is now across the street from where it used to be 30 years ago.  I had an old girlfriend whose uncle used to own it and I thought there may have been a mafia connection.  The pizza was great as ever as we headed out to the homecoming parade with Adam Kelley, a his wife, and family. 

This was the first homecoming parade in 24 years.  It was a great parade going down University avenue past frat row.  The students were really into it.  There must have been 20,000 students there.  We followed the last float in to the stadium for the pep fest.  It’s incredible what a new stadium will do for a campus and a community. 

The next day was the big game against Purdue.  I saw Craig and Liz Danielson, Steph Belisle, and Denise Sinclear Todd at the game.  Gophers won pretty easy as we watched quite a bit of the game from the inside DQ section which is really nice on a cold day. 

It was great to meet up with old friends who I’ve been out of contact with for close to 30 years.  This week I start getting the 30th class reunion going.  So Marie Raygor if you read this blog you know we’ve got work to do.  I love reuniting old friendships!!

OK, this week a couple of interesting health related topics as far as jobs are concerned. as reported by CNN this afternoon   The number one  job to have is being an engineer, and the number two job was being a Physician Assistant.  Also in the top 10 was number 7 being a Physical Therapist.  Where was Chiropractic I wondered?  We have always been in the top 30 for jobs and now we are no where to be found.  Here is one huge  benefit.  Helping baby boomers keep well without the use of drugs and surgery, sounds good to me.  I was talking to a recent grad of Chiropractic school and I was feeling her pain being over 100k in debt with student loans and the job market as an associate isn’t great as far as pay is concerned.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all never had to worry about paying for care.  I’d love to get reimbursed well without you guys having to worry about it, but does that solve anything?  I believe the more you put into something the more you get out.  That’s not just money, but time, energy, and comittment.  Oh the big”C” word.    There are millions of people who could be helped by Chiropractic.  My strong belief is that everyone should have there spine checked.  Preferably not when in a crisis or to far gone to where you can only hope to manage a condition.  If more people just got adjusted I know our streets would be safer, our houses healthier, are kids less dependant on meds, our schools more productive, and people would make better health choices.  Remember, an adjustment stimulates your brain which controls everything.    

Invest in your health by eating, thinking, and moving better.  If you have not been in for a while I’d love to have you stop in and get checked.  It never costs anything to come on in and say hi and get checked.  OK,  a quick happy 60th to Beth Colaizy, she looks younger every year!   Until next time, how about picking up the phone and contacting a long lost friend, or relative.  I bet it might just make your day!  Dr. E

How are you doing?

October 6, 2009

Yesterday was a crazy day for Viking-Packer fans.  We did an informal survey at our office with patients and 36 favored the pack and 34 went for the Vikes to win.  Pretty darn close and the game delivered for the Viking  and Favre fans. 

Here is a guy who turns 40 this week. How is he as good as he is now as he was when he was in his Superbowl MVP days.   Is it God given genetics, is it luck, is it natural instinct, is it competitiveness, is it a desire and practice more than anyone?

Probably a little bit of each and a lot of nothing but hard work and the desire to be the best at his craft. 

One of the things that I do is try to be a model and leader for you as to what’s possible to prosper with your health and well-being, not jsut simply feel a little better.  Is being  fir as a fiddle, coaching kids, a competitive cross country skier, and adjusting people and educating all day something I just came to me?  No.  It’s really a desire to be the healthiest I can, and show you the way if you are open to it. 

Getting up at 5:15am every MWF for a Bootcamp that kicks my but when I could be cuddling with Mary.   Quick showering and being ready to serve you by 7am to my best ability.    Educational workshops for you so you can be healthier today and tomorrow  than you were yesterday every Monday night for the last 20 some years. 

Everybody out there,  are you doing your best to be your best?  If not why not?  First take an assessment of where you are at right now.  What is working  for you and what isn’t.  Are you OK with that?  If you aren’t OK then maybe I can be a source for you to get you where you want to be with your health.

In this day and age it is imperative to take the best care of yourself.  The best health insurance is to take care of yourself first so you then can take care of others to your best abilites.

Lets sit down together and get a game plan as to what you want for your health this next year.  The time is now to plan for the future.  Give me a jingle or an email and let me know how you are doing and what your goals are for yourself.  I’m also going to be calling on you at my ofice if you haven’t been in for a while just to update your records, that’s it.  Some of you may be doing great, some may be doing nothing to keep up with health and some of you may be some where inbetween.  This is a courtesy to you, and you can decide if you want to move forward from here. 

Ok, Twins-Tigers game just started, got to run and watch.  Come on Twins!!!!  Make it a great day inspite of the rain and I look forward to speaking with you sometime in the future or seeing you face to face or over the internet.  I’m here for you.  Dr.E

Fight off the flu with Vitamin D.

September 22, 2009

Good day everyone.  We are all bombared with information about the H1N1 flu and the flu season. I even went to a guest Church service this weekend and in the weekly handout there was a ton of info about the H1N1.  Every year about this time we get our hourly dose of how to protect your self from GETTING  the flu.  Wash hands, don’t touch mouth or eyes, avoid contact with others who may be sick, stay home if you feel like you may be sick, and of course get the flu shot and the H1N1 shot if you want ot protect yourself. 

Have you ever thought about why people get sick, or get the flu?  Usually it’s an immune compromised person who is elderly or a child that really get hit the hardest.  According to the CDC  36 children have died from the H1N1 flu virus.  Two thirds were immune compromised with diseases such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other neurodevelopmental problems.  There is also a high correlation with these type of disesases and severe Vitamin D deficiency.  Now this makes sense to me since  most people don’t get enough sunlight(Vitamin D is produced by your body when you get sunlight) year around and if your sick you probably don’t get near enough.  I was just down at Mayo with my mom while she had her bypass and I’m telling you there isn’t any patient getting sunlight down there.

If there is a direct relationship between low Vitamin D levels and increases in risk of getting the flu wouldn’t it make sense to ideally get your Vitamin D levels checked or at least start taking vitamin D?  I’d recommend 5000I.U. day during the winter and 2000I.U. during the summer months.  

There is abundant evidence showing that the flu vaccines do not protect you from the flu, and one recent study found it had an impact on pediatric flu related hospitalizations or doctor visits during the flu seasons studied.  In fact, researchers concluded “SIGNIFIGANT INFLUENZA VACCINE EFFECTIVENESS COULD NOT BE DEMONSTRATED FOR ANY SEASON, AGE, OR SETTING”.  In addition, a systematic review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children from age 6-23 months found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo. 

Well, you get to make a choice on how you want to keep your self healthy.  Be empowered to be informed.  Until next time, your bodymind will reward you if you take great care of yourself.  Dr. E   p.s.  Working out daily, especially adding resistance training to your aerobic training, getting adjusted regularly, eating as much organic as possible, being grateful, good sleep, lots of sunlight, and having fun are a great way to build your immune system so you don;t get sick.

New TCF Gopher stadium highlights.

September 15, 2009
First Gopher Game in new stadium

First Gopher Game in new stadium

I wanted to share with you my high lights from this past weekends opening game for the Gophers in their new 289 million dollar on campus open air stadium against the Falcons of Air Force. 

Giant scoreboard

Giant scoreboard


All former Gophers were invited back and 450 showed up for a picnic and 20 minute inspiring spech from Joel Maturi the athletic director.  They are very excited about the future of Gopher football and have high expectations for the program on and off the field.  I was glad to hear him reach out to former players and ask us to get involved and help support the program just not financially. 

Victory march

Victory march

We walked down to the stadium and waited for the victory walk which is a new tradition they want to start.  The players, coaches and cheerleaders walked through an estimated 35,000 people as they entered the stadium for the first time.  It was truly emotional and exilirating.  I saw so many people with tears in their eyes.  Wow!! 

Current team greeting former Gophers

Current team greeting former Gophers

We got to go on the field for warmups and you could feel the electricity.  Former players Todd Hallstrom and Kent Penovich were soaking wet from the 85 degree  humind weather and I was laughing watching them look like they wanted to get the pads on one more time and put the smackdown on someone. 

Paul Rogind being carried off the field by Kent Penovich

Paul Rogind being carried off the field by Kent Penovich

Seeing former players was the best part for me.  Bob Stroup looks great.  We each have bad backs, but I bet most of the guys do now.  We just keep moving forward.  chester Cooper a great receiver when I played looked great.  Coop is a sweet guy who is a retired sheriff.  Andre “Horse” Gilbert had a big white outfit on and looked like he was going to a disco.  He is all heart and hasn’t changed a bit.  Some of the other guys I saw were Dewayne McMullen, Keith Gerhke, Mike Laliberte,  Adam kelley, Shane strain, many others and Dick Mass. 

Former Gopher greats Chester Cooper and Mike Stensrud

Former Gopher greats Chester Cooper and Mike Stensrud

Let me tell you about Dick Mass.  Here was a guy who came out of St. Louis Park as a walk on.  We was on Tony Dungy’s scout team and his position coach Pat Morris was absolutely brutal to him.  Dick did everything as he was the varsity linemans punishing boy.  I admired him how he kept coming bavk everyday getting his but whipped and punished each days by guys who were obviously more talented.  He had the greatest attitude ever.   I knew this guy was a special person and a great teammate.  

When I saw Dick I immediately knew who it was and he knew me.  29 years later and it was right back  in the locker room.  He said his last 2 years at the U were great since he switched to defense and although he never got a scholarship he did get a letter and never gave up.  Truly amazing to go through what he did.  He is now a physical therapist in Springfield Missouri and I bet he’s the best at his profession.

Great stadium

Great stadium

What can I say about the stadium that hasn;t been said.  Truly amazing.  Not a bad seat in the house.   Treat yourself to a game you’ll be glad you did.  Check out the photos, and next week back to inspiring you to be your healthieast!!

2.3 Billion dollar fine

September 2, 2009

Today the federal govenment fined Pfizer drug company which is the largest drug company in the world 2.3 billion dollars.     1.2 Billion of that is a criminal fine which is the LARGEST IN UNITED STATES HISTORY.   You can go on line and read the details about the 4 drugs they marketed and sold without approval.  What I don’t get is no one is nobody is making a big deal about it.  Everyone wants benefits, insurance reform, etc etc.  I am here to tell you the best reform and the best thing you can do today to influence YOUR future health is investing and taking action with YOUR own health.  That is why I write these blog posts.  Sure I have fun with old stories etc, but the bottom line is I’m here to lead those who want to be lead.  You want better health, start getting adjusted on a regular basis, most of you do, great job.  You got a stiff spine you are aging your self prematuraly.  You want bettter health, don’t go to fast foods, don’t drink pop, and don’t eat anything processed, period.  You want better health, start imaging what a positive day looks like, no bitching, moaning, whining about others.  You want good health, give more than you receive.  Your health is YOUR responsibility.  I can care to death about you guys but I can’t carry you, and certaintly don’t expect your insurance company or a drug company to get and keep you healthy. 

Ok, a little firm message today but it’s true.  I’m in the coaching spirit since I’m working with 5th and 6th graders right now.  I’ve got to be firm with them as they develop their football skills.  Same is true with learning new skill sets of living the Chiropractic lifestyle which can be challenging for people.  I am with you the entire way, I want you to know that.  Keep investing in yourself and it will pay off for you in so many ways you can’t imagine.  

We are implementing many new things at Edling Chiropractic to serve you to our best abilities.  Next post will tell you more.    Also, if you are going to the opening game of new Gopher stadium against Air Force be sure to look for me on the sidelines making a tunnel with 450 former Golden Gopher football players as we escort the current team onto the field.  Dr. E.   p.s. congrats to the OHS girls golf team for their first conference victory ever!!

Big game!

August 28, 2009

Check out the new emblem for our office and blog.  Thanks to Jenny O’Brien for designing it.   I think it describes what we are about.  Movement forward with your health.  You are  an  active participant in your own health and I’m the vechicle to assist you on your way. 

Big game in St. Croix tonight.  Osceola versus St. Croix  in football.  It’s going to be a fast action game.  Everyone is giving their own predictions.  I better stay not say anything since I know many of the kids from St. Croix and work on a bunch of the Osceola kids.  Watch out for Nick Johnson around the end for St. Croix and for Osceola the Pauley to Pittman connection. 

30 years ago St. Croix beat Osceola who was heavily favored for Coach O’Donnell’s first conference championship.  Being a part of that game and that team was something I’ll never forget.  I’ll never forget catching a quick out from Mike Northquest and Tom Krenz tried to tackle me and my thigh threw him about 6 feet and I giggled 60 yards down to hte 3 yard line before being knocked out.  If only my fitness was as good then as it is now I would have scored. 

Comoe on out tonight and support all these kids.  We are having beers at Indian Creek Orchery afterwards.  Garth is buying the first round.  You show up I’ll buy!!

How about Osceola soccer team beating New Richmond last night for the first time, a big way to go. 

Congrats to Don and Jackie Stelter on their 50th wedding anniversary!  Great people who do a lot for our community and you’ll see them at every game.

Seeing a lot of runners in the office this past week.  Usually this is overtraining or worn shoes, or altered stuck biomechanics which respond greatly to adjusting. 

Next week back to inspiring you to live and be healthier.  Have fun at the state fair and do something fun with the kids this weekend.  School starts tuesday here and I’m looking forward to getting the kids back.  Way to much sitting around for them.   Make it a great day everyone!!  Dr. E

Chicago Cubs, coaching starts

August 18, 2009

I’m back from an incredible weekend in the windy city Chicago.  Connor and I had an incredible time! My highlight was a Cubs game and Connor’s was the Museum of Science and Industry.  If you ever get to Chicago check out this museum.  It is truly incredible.  The jet hanging from the ceiling blew me away.  We went through the U-505 German submarine tour and that was very cool also.  The Cubs game is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid and finally made it happen.  Wrigley field is one of a kind.  If you are a baseball fan at all you’ve got to go.  Look out for the scalpers.  We got in for $55 a ticket first row upper deck.  The bleachers were going for anywhere between $120-150 per seat.  Boy, they can put their beer down at Wrigley.  I saw one guy through down a beer every inning and he was just getting warmed up.  The L train and bus system was fun, and the beautiful bulidings of Chicago made it a great weekend.  I just about forgot about the Blue Angels.  It was the Airshow weekend and the Blue Angels were flying right over your head and was that loud and exciting!!

Wrigley field

Wrigley field

I start my 4th year of youth football coaching.  Every year is different.  This year our numbers are down so I only have 14 kids compared to 20 last year.  Tim Germain and Tyler Ahlstrand are the other two coaches and do a great job with the kids teaching fundamentals of football and making it a great learning experience and a lot of fun for the kids.  Honk your horn when you see us practicing by the schools tuesday and thursday late afternoons and come to a game and watch these kids have fun. 

My back is doing 80% better after 2 weeks.  Once you start having disc problems you really have to manage them.  This is my 3rd bad episode over a 10 year period of time.  Daily adjsuting, and a lot of good self care and I’m on my way to better function.  The reptition of  what I do all day is not the greatest for my body so I have to be careful that I keep my spine in a neutral position and really keep my core fit and strong which is the easy part.  Many people spend thousdands of dollars and months and years of suffering when they have disc and joint problems.  You really don’t have to.  You do need a coach and that’s what I can do for people who have these problems.  Adjusting is probably the most effective form of care for these problems.  Epidural cortisone injections, pills, and possibly surgery are incredibly expensive and don’t really address a lot of issues other than pain releif.  The goal should not only be pain relief, but full function.  

OK, make it a great week, and keep eating, moving, and thinking your way to better health.  Remember, your health is not a sprint but rather a marathon.  Take it one day at a time and add something positive to it in all aspects!!  Dr. E

Jack Lalanne ~ Mr. Fitness

August 12, 2009

Jack said, “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” He was certainly a man ahead of his time and a major testimony to how exercise and optimal nutrition can help preserve you.  He is a phenomenal role model for all of us.

Learning new treatment options to help you

August 11, 2009

If you checked last weeks video you knew I was struggling with my low back.  I’m doing much better but have a ways to go.  I know that when you are dealing with chronic issues it’s a marathon and not a sprint.  It tests your patience since it’s no fun not being able to do what you want to.  I’m 80% better in pain reduction and improved function so making great progress.  The power of what Chiropractic has to offer people is incredible.  I was getting adjusted daily and doing my best to get as much movement which activates the nervous system as possible and then take extra good self care with cleaning up the diet, and being positive.

The one benefit to being laid up is this has given me some time to hit the books.  I’ve been learning some very cool strategies and treatments for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, migraines, disc problems, periheral neuropathy, and many other neuromuscloskeltal disorders.  The missing link for some of these conditions is to get oxygen in to the brain for fuel.  Your brain needs 2 things.  Glucose from food source, and oxygen.  The air we breathe is made up of only 70% o2, 20% nitrogen, and the rest is a little bit of everything.  I did not know this.   As we all age we decrease our ability to process O2.  It’s called oxidation, thus a lot of us take anti-oxidants. Research has shown that if you combine exercise which activates the brainstem and combine that with O2 therapy you can get some amazing results for acute problems and the chronic ones which seem to never get better. Adjusting the spine is absolutely necessary for proper activation of nerve pathways to the brain which then go to all the different body parts.   I will let you know when I have my O2 equipment in and when we will be implementing this new service.  The bottom line is my job as a healer is to do what I can to help you heal and it’s frustrating for the both of us if I can’t help you or no one else has either.  I’m excited about learning and implementing this new service. 

Don’t forget I’m out of the office this thursday and friday.  Going to take my son Connor to Chicago for a guys weekend.  Looking forward to spending time with him since he starts high school in a month I can bet he won’t want to be spending a lot of time with Mary or me.  I’ve never had a Chicago dog so I’m having one, and taking in a Cubs game.  Until next time, keep learing and living the best life you can and take time for your family!!  Enjoy the nice heat and do you think Tiger will win the PGA at Hazeltine?  Make it a great day, I’ll share some photos next week.  Dr. E

My back went out, ouch!

August 4, 2009

It went out big time yesterday.  Patients wanted to know what happened, so here it is.  Just click the blue embedded youtube and see for yourself.  Dr. E<object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/eKkDnG4IY-0&hl=en&fs=1&”></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/eKkDnG4IY-0&hl=en&fs=1&” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>

Braves, Kids, endless opportunities await you.

July 27, 2009

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since  my last post.  I slept out in the tent with Connor last Monday night and it poured and somehow we had a leak and it wrecked my computer.  I was due for a new notebook but my hard drive is wrecked and I’ve got everything on it.  Will I ever learn!

I bet your summer has been really busy?  We just finished baseball with Riley and swimming with Connor.   The Osceola Braves got beat by the St. Croix River Bandits last night for the first time ever.  No playoffs for the Braves and their loyal fans. this year.   How about a nice congrats out to Dr. Dave Leske for his induction in to the Braves Hall of Fame along with the late Lute Pettis who founded the Braves in the 40’s, Ken staples who could easily have been the Twins coach, and Derek Anderson.  Hat’s off to Tom Krenz for finishing the Lake Placid Ironman in 90 degree heat and humidity yesterday.  Is this his last one?  How about Doran O’Brien taking 30 minutes of his best triatalon ever at Chisago lakes, and Iron Mike Colaizy dominating his age class every week.  Fellow patient Tom Meyer finished the Half Ironman at Chisago Lakes, a big way to go Tom.  He’s 67 years old and just starting his triathlete career!

I love athletics because it teaches so much about life.  You have to show up, put in the effort, be disciplined, be coachable, get along with others, be a leader, challenge yourself, and many other important individual and team skill sets and goals.  It’s never too late to find some kind of hobby, sport, or interest to keep your mind and body active.  Everyday we should be thinking nothing but positive thoughts, making positive movement patterns, and eating healthy foods.  Success in life regarding your health really doesn’t have to be that difficult.  Find something you love to do, get a mentor to assist you along the way, and work the process focusing on moving forward not just the end goal. 

If you are going to live to a 100, do you have a health plan?  Do you have a health orientated pro-active Dr who can lead you?  Do you have your finances in order to live a long life?  Who is on your team?  Now is the time to start planning.  I’m doing this myself right now as I write this.  I’d love to be a part of your team.

I just finished making a bunch of cool pro-active health videos that will be posted soon.  Stay tuned for more details.  Mary and I appreciate all your referrals and appreciate your committment towards being healthier.  

I remember 40 years ao sitting on white couch at home with our whole family watching Neil Armstrong take that first footstep on the moon and Walter Cronkite narrating the event like it was yesterday.  Anything is possible!  If you can dream it you can make it a reality.  Go out and make your reality today!!  Dr. E

Singles are better than homeruns

July 14, 2009

Last night the boys and I watched the homerun derby and we loved every monster shot by some of the biggest  youngest strongest stars  of baseball like Prince Fielder  and Joe Mauer.  Prince won the competition going away and he hit one over 500 feet.  He swings so hard I feel he’s going  to come right out of his cleats.  Joe Mauer on the other hand didn’t fare as good in the competition but has the most consistant swing and the best eye I’ve ever seen at the plate.  Joe has 15 homeruns and you would think being 6 foot 6 and 230 he’d have more.  Joe led the majors in hitting the last 2 years and he’s on pace to be a hall of famer if he can avoid injury.  Joe would rather get single and doubles and get people in versus 50 homers and tons of strikeouts.  I heard he only struck out once in his whole high school careeer. 

Osceola youth baseball traveling team 5th and 6th grade

Osceola youth baseball traveling team 5th and 6th grade

To get your health back and to keep your health you can do it with some homeruns(lets say working out 1x week or watching your diet closely one day a week) or you can plug along with daily hits towards better health by being consistant with one good at bat for your health daily in what your food choices are, how you consciously think, and how you exercise daily.  I’d take  this analogy of baseball 6 hits a week over one homer a week and apply it everyday to your health and see what happens.  If you don’t have the fundamentals and skill sets for better living there are people who can assist you.  There are organic farms and farmer markets  where you can buy fresh produce and many sites on line on how to prepare it.  .  I can help you move better so you don’t age prematurely by getting your spine and body moving better.  If you need a group or personal one on one attention call Mike at the Wild River fitness and he’ll get you on the right track .  Summer is a great time to get a book and read.  I just  started a book by Harold Kushner called Living a life that matters. 

Just imagine everyday that you are taking the action steps to attain one of your dreams.   Do you have health dreams?  We think about vacation dreeams, and what retirement may look like but lets be in the moment today and  focus on one task of the day that will move you towards better health and well-being  and away from sickness and disease patterns.  I believe in you!!  I want nothing but sucess for all of you.  Go out today and get a single and then follow up with another one.  If you strikeout don’t get your head down.  Keep believeing and taking  a single action step today, not tomorrow.  Until next time, keep up your core work and keep your nervous system healthy with regular adjustments!  Dr. E

Billie Jean shouldn’t have took the drugs

July 7, 2009

I just got done doing a spin class from the master fo spin Mike Colaizy at the Wild River Fitness center.  It was all Micheal Jackson music.  Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean, all my old favorites that will never fade away.  What a tragic ending to an incredible genius of  person who had his own demons.   The creativity and the performer Micheal Jackson was and then to see him basically be a drug addict of prescription drugs is just sad.   Deepok Chopra said they killed him and that their were many enablers in Micheal Jacksons camp.  I thought how could someone with that much genius have that much pain to really just want to die.  You can’t be healthy on medications it’s as simple as that.  People don’t realize it but the number one killer in the U.S. is prescription side effects.   I certaintly wouldn;t be in business if I was hurting, or people dying on my table.   

 I did some track 800 meter intervals with Mike Colaizy and Greg Brown. this morning.  I saw this woman that looked familiar but I couldn’t for the life of me think of her name.  We were running and she was walking.  After we finished I had asked about why she was walking.  Her response was “instead of sitting in the car waiting for my son to get done with cross country practice I thought I could benefit from walking around the track since I’ve let my body go”  She also said that it took her 5 minutes per lap last week and this week it was much easier. 

Hats off to her!!  She could have just as easy sat in the car and waited.  Instead she took action to get her body moving which is necessary for you to be healthy.  Anyone, anywhere is my motto.   Just get your body moving.  I always say sitting to the spine is like sugar to the teeth.  Did you know that during the hunter gather period the average person walked a marathon a day for hunting and fishing  just to keep alive.  Today the average family spends less than 3 minutes a day with their kids, eats Con-Agra foods for most of their meals, and doesn’t exercise consistantly.  Is their no wonder we have the myriad of health issues that Physicians, Chiropractors have to deal with.  Lets look at cause and not treat effects. 

Come on everyone, it’s July 7th, the best time of the year to get moving and start living better.  Take a step forward to being your best!  You’ll be ever so happy you did.  You can be a role  model for others by just  taking better care of yourself one day at a time.  Like John Wooden who is 97 years old said “If your not making mistakesyour not doing anything”  Don’t feel bad about mistakes, just learn from them and change the behavior.

I need your assistance.  We have to many people out there that I can potentially help get their health back and then teach them how to keep it in a  Chiropractic wellness paradigm.  Who do you know that could benefit form me checking them out?  I want our community to be healthier, not sicker.  I want people to be on less drugs, and have less surgeries.  I want our kids to be healthie than my generation.  Right now we as a  society are sicker than ever.  The time is now for all of us to be pro-active with our help.  I appreciate your referrals and would love to see you also.  Check the ad out in this weeks Osceola Sun and the upcoming Valley Wire.  Good opportunity for you!   Next monday’s class is on The important benefits of Vitamin D.  Get some sun today!!  Dr. E

Acetominophen(tylenol), good or bad for you?

July 1, 2009

Quick post this week for your long awaited fouth of July weekend.  Mary's 50th 007

I was speaking to a CEO of a 140 million dollar company the other day and he was saying how incredible this country is compared to any others he has traveled and done business in.  You can be and do anthing,  this is the land of opportunity.  He was so positive and so right on.   He was touting hard work and treat others like you’d like to be treated and there is no reason you can’t be successful.    I couldn’t agree more. 

FDA warns about tylenol use and tylenol with other products such as nyquil because of overdosing and liver failure.  Most people take Tylenol on occassions when they are in pain and that should really only be when you are really hurting and ice doesn’t cut it, and for short duration only.  My last tylenol was probavly 20 years ago after a root canal.  This and many other OTC medications are not only toxic to you but can kill you.  I’ve been talking about this for years and  it’s nice to see that the (FDA which really is looking out for the drug companes) is taking action on this for more consumer awareness.  If you have aches and pains that’s your body telling you something isn’t working right.  Covering it up  never gets at the cause.  Alternatives for pain control that work great are adjustments, an anti-inflammatory diet, ice, fish oil, and many herbs and natural remedies that don’t have side effects. 

We had a great party for Mary, check the pictures.  We did facebook and email  for invites, and some word of mouth if you were in the clinic.  Stayed up to 3am which is unheard of for me, and didn’t feel to bad.   Way to go Mary, you are a hotty in the house at 50!!!Mary's 50th 100

To my friends Ron Hyde and Bob Sudler old friends from the U, I shot 74 at the U course on sunday, can’t wait to play with you guys sometime!!  Mary's 50th 111

Have a safe, relaxing 4th every one, we are off Thursday and friday and back in 7am monday.

What can you do without me?

June 23, 2009

A question  came up during a first  re-evaluation last night I thought I would addess for everyone since this is a common question.  The question was, “What can I do to help mysef daily besides what you are doing?”

The first thing for anyone is to stick to their care plan.  This varies for everyone,  For new people the time, frequency, and intensity is close together since studies show that our bodies want to elastisize back in to the same pattern.  Thus breaking patterns of chronic subluxations need  to be close together.   It’s kind of like working out, it takes a while for your body to show the results you want.   You have ups and downs but you stick with it if you want to be healthy and reach your goals.  As you graduate to less frequent adjusting based on not how you feel but how you function then it is really imperative that you follow through with lifestyle reccomendations.  So lets go over what a typical day can look like for you.

My job is a coach and teacher so lets go over what I’d reccomend, everyone is diferent depending on their skill sets, overall health, and their own motivation to be healthier, but here it is.

1.  Wake up every morning and say Oh Yes!!! Do this 3 times.  We are programmed to say I can’t, I won’t, I’m not good enough, and a host of negative thoughts before we even start our day.  This sets the tone for your day.  To say I can, I will, I dare, and I do(put this on  3×5 card and keep with you or put by your computer)  10 times befoe you get up will set your nervous system in a positive pattern.  Nothing good ever happens when you say I can’t!! 

2.  Dynamic stretching,  Do a handfull of squats, lunges, calf stretches, YMTL stretches, calf stretches, hip swings to get your body ready for movement, then add a 4 minute fat buning exercise routine which will help you burn fat, raise your metabolism and  get you ready to rock your day.  An example is posted on my blog in videos.  These exercises are 20 seconds and then take a 10 second brake and then go to the next one.  4 minutes of this and you’ll be sweating and working it big time.  Pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, situps, running in place are all examples you can do in your house and only take a few minutes, 

3.  Good breakfast!!  This is the most important meal since it sets the tone for your metabolism all day.  I like a greens smoothie with blueberries, (see blog video section)  Eggs 2x week, maybe a little oatmeal if I’m doing heavy endurance training.  Other than that mostly fruit to start your day.  This will help regulate your blood sugar.

4.  Snack on apples, almonds.

5.  Get off the computer every hour and do YMTL exercises.  (I’ll post those on he blog for you that don’t know these)  Sitting is the worst thing you can do for your body!!

6.  More fruit, some protein or fat for afternoon snack, if you can get a chance for a cat nap do it!!

7.  For those that can’t workout you need to get some form of cardiovascular and strength training in.  It doesn’t have to be  long.  Jog for a few mintes, jump some rope and then hit the weights.  I prefer weight bearing exercises since you don’t need any equiptment and can do anywhere.  Find a good hill and do 5-10 10 second hill sprints.  Another great fat burning exercise

8.  Cut the bad carbs, most grains, most dairy from your diet since they are  inflammation producing and can lead to many of the chronic conditions that amercians have such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension etc.  Go to www.deflame.com and dowload the guidelines.  You can also listen to 2 podcasts here on why inflammation is bad for you.

9.  How about another 4 minutes of fat buring exercises before you go to bed.  Start to unwind and get a minumum of 6 hours of sleep.  I prefer 8, that’s what my mind-body demands.

10.  Write down what you need to get done for the next day, and more importanlt who you must be and how you can give yourself away to others.    Count your blessings and get some shut eye.

11.  Plan a date night one a week or so with your spouse or signifigant other.  Kid time is crucial, be a role model for them.  Let kids be kids, have discipline that they can learn from and be loving.

12.  Manage your stress before it kills you! 

13.  Reduce debt, and start being a saver!

14.  God  didn’t put you here to fail.  We are put here to be in relationship and love one another without judgement which can be extremely difficult for us human beings.  Practice the Golden Rule.

15.  Get some sun, and don’t use sunscreen unless you burn easily!!  Enjoy the heat of a hot day like today because winter is only 6 months away.  Vit amin D production is crucial for your health!!!

16.  Take a multivitamin, coQ10, Magnesium, a fish oil, a pro-biotic, and a digestive enzyme.  You can get this all in a one/day pack at my office for $50/month.

17.  Go out and play!!  Write out what you don’t want and write what you do want and go get it!!

18.  Attend my workshops as many as you can where I teach these principles of health every monday night.

19.  Have more fun!!!

20.  Don’t forget to celebrate life.  Mary’s 50th is this weekend, come on over or a beer, free range pig roast, and a swimming pool Hawaiian Theme party!!   

21.  Get an extra adjustment if you aren’t feeling right or feel you are coming down with something

22.  Drink much more water!!   

23.  Say thank you

24.  Start with one of the above 24  and apply today.  Then add one per week. 

25.  These are just words unless you make them your own and change the behavior which moves you towards better health!!   I know you can do it!!   You do these things and you’ll see less of any Doctors.  You are in charge of your health!!  Until next time, be your best!!!  Dr. E

Coach Lombardi and Dad

June 17, 2009

This past weekend was an adventure for me.  I took my parents and my son Connor to Two Rivers Wisconsin for a 50th wedding anniversary for their friends in Texas where they winter.  If you know my parents you know of the health challeges they have had.  My dad is completly disabled and dependant on everyone for everything.  How my mom has been able to take care of him all years is beyond me.  I sure appreciate all they have done for me in teaching me values and doing the right thing and I’m still working on the patience which was challenging for me when dealing with my folks.  I sure am glad they are still around.   Took them to Lambeau field on the way back for a tour of hte Packer hall of fame.  That was very cool.

Coach Lombardi and Dad

Coach Lombardi and Dad

I was able to get out early on saturday morning and play the Irish course which is part of  the Whistling Straits golf course  where they are having next years PGA championship and 2012 Ryder cup.  What an incredible course it was.  Check out the picture of the 10th hole and all the sheep from Scotland they brought over.   You’ve got to be a good golfer to play it.  I shot 89 from the tips at 7000 yards and I wasn’t disappointed.   After golf it was the party and they had a 8 piece polka band, plenty of beer, and family style home cooking with the most incredble dressing and baked chicken ever!! 

Scottish highland sheep on Wisconsin golf course

Scottish highland sheep on Wisconsin golf course

This week was also a sad week  Longtime patients and friends Ray Cottor, Ralph Boucher, and Sheri Leske died.  Sherri  was the mother of Chiropractor and best friend Dave Leske.  I’ll miss going over their and just hanging out with Sheri.  It’s tough when my folks generation is passing, and it seems you go to more funerals than you do weddings or birthday parties.  Please keep your thoughts and prayers out to these families.  My brother had Sherri’s funeral and I don’t know how he or my dad did it all those years.  I cry like a baby and have always had a tough time keeping my composure at funerals.  I prefer keeping people helthy and educating them so they potentially can live a longer healthier life and won’t have these chronic diseases that seem to be so prevelant in our society. 

One of the things that is completely overlooked is the importance of spinal health.   I can watch you walk, look at your posture, how you sit, how you move and it tells me a lot about how your body is or isn’t functioning.   Your spine houses the nervous system which controls all functions of your body.  In order for you to be healthy you need to have the circuitry of you nervous system communicating properly.  If your spine is stuck, not moving properly this can not only lead to back problems  but to much more serious health problems.    It never costs a dime to get your spine and posture checked at my office. 

Beer drinking polka band

Beer drinking polka band



Great to see the high school athletes starting to prepare for fall sports.  If you are an athlete you really need to train year round.  You may have seen the the olympic cross country development team out and about our area rollerskiing .  They were lifting weights and working on functional movement patterns for strength and flexibility.  I talked to their coach Brian fish and the future is bright for the American cross country ski team.  

I think we should all have a  coach or mentor.   I always feel that learning is never ending.  I would love to be your health coach!!  Untl next time, enjoy your loved ones in spite of their shortcomings.  Enjoy the summer even if it hasn’t been the greatest weather yet, and don’t forget about Mary’s 50th birthday party at my house June 27th!!   Oh, I just about forgot, this upcoming monday we are having our Pizza night at the Village pizeria.  We have room for only 5 more people.  Sign up now, 294-3100, or email me steve@dredling.com  Steve Edling D.C.     p.s.  Happy fathers day!!

In the moment

June 9, 2009

One of the many hats I wear and am is being a parent to two teenage boys.  The only experience I have with this is from coaching and dealing with teens in the office, and my own teen experiences.   But when it’s your own it’s a whole new ballgame.  I at times don’t enjoy this sort of a power struggle but I’m trying to learn what works best.  For all you parents out their this is a challenge at times but also a great opportunity to learn a bit about yourself.

If you ‘ve ever played baseball or hit a golf ball you’ll know exactly what it’s like to be in the moment at the particular instant you hit the ball.  Everything has to have your full attention in order for a good contact on the ball.   I try to relate this to being with kids.  Be in the moment now when you are with them.  Listen first, talk second.  When they ask some outrageous question just repeat it back to them to make sure you have it right.  

I liked the other day when one of Riley’s girlfriends came up to me and introduced herself and said “I hear you are pretty strict”.  Right on I said.   Wow, she’s a bold kid I thought.  Yes, leading your children through actions speak much louder than words.  The same when I’ve been coaching Riley to hang in there with his baseball hiting.  He’s been striking out a lot lately and he has a beautiful swing.  He just needs some confidence.  Everyone strikes out,  just picture your next at bat completely focused on the task of making a good swing and connecting with the ball.  Picture it happening.  What a difference a few hits can make, now he’s much more relaxed and confident up there.  We all get in ruts at time.  The best way out is to imagine what it looks like to be successful and then relax, trust yourself,  take action, don’t give up,  and let it happen.  

Ok, here is what’s going on at the office.  Big pizza night at the pizzeria in Dresser, Monday 6.22.09 at 6:30.  We already have 15 people signed up.  Room for 10 more is all.  This is a fun night with great pizza and salad bar on us.   Mary and I will talk for a few minutes about keeping positive and healthier in tough times.   Call 294-3100 to save a spot for you and a friend who could use a little inspiration. 

Next monday’s class is  “Fats that heal, fats that kill”, always a popular class.   Every monday night at 6:30 we have classes at my office and are open to people.  Learn how you can feel better, have a better quality of life, and potentially live a longer, stronger life.   

There are a ton of people out their who are not living life up to their God given ability because of neglect to their body.  Who do you know that you wish would come in to at least get their spine checked out?  I’d be more than happy to call them and just check up with them.  It’s sad when someone comes in and all I can do for them is do patch work because they have neglected themselves so much.  Hey a special hi out to my facebook friends.  I’m limiting myself to 5 minutes daily.  This is a great social media where you can meet new friends and keep in touch with long lost friends. Dr. E

Tackling Life’s problem

June 2, 2009

I just my friend Vince Palko’s new book in the mail and I’m just paging through it right now.  I ca’nt wait to read it.  While i’ve never met Vinve Personally he’s a pal on internet.  We have so much in common.  we both played D-1 football.  Vince Played at Bowling Green were he is still the record holder for most taclkles for a career and is in their hall of fame.  It’s a great book for getting your headspace right and going after life when you fall down. Go to www.vincepalko.com  and get a great read.

Did a anti-aging seminar last night.  Here are the high lights.

1.  Get your spine checked regularly by me.  A little self promotion but I’ll tell you why.  The reason is you will have a better quality of life!!  I shared a study about how our body oxidizes and cases DNA dysfunction, and those under Chiropractic care had greater levels of anti-oxidants than those who did not. 

2.  Going through life we experiene physical, chamical, and emotional stresses.  These stresses effect the the function of the nervous system and can age us prematurely.  If you eat, move, and think well, and get adjusted your body can adapt etter and you can eal better.

3.  Diet,  drink more water.   Your skin is a window to what the inside looks like.  Make sure you hydrate with lots of water, that will make you more vibrant.  www.deflame.com for a great website on how to anti-infamme yourself.

4.  Exercise, vigorous weight bearing exercises, and high intensity aerobic activities such as sprints are great ways to get a fat loss workout in, in  short period of time.

5.  Attitude is everything.  As Vince says in his book, no pussyfooting around in life.  Take charge of your life and let your passions be your profession.  What are you truly passionate about?  You find this, chase this and you’ll be happier and younger. 

6.  Supplements.  Best supplements are great raw foods.  Then a multivitamin, fish oil, anti -oxidant such as moxxor, and co-Q10, vit D, magnesium, pro0biotic, and a digestive enzyme. 

Ok, take one of the above mentioned strategies and implement it today.   Dr. E  p.s.  We are having a dinner workshop at the pizzeria June 22nd.  Bring a friend, and sign up now.  Room for 25 only so it fills up fast.  call the office 294-3100 or email me steve@dredling.com  ps.ps.  Congrats to th e Osceola youth baseball team forwinning the tourney last weekend.  Osceola track stars going to state, best of luck!!

Traveling man

May 26, 2009

It sure was a fantastic beautiful weekend up here in God’s country.  I put on 750 miles on my car from Saturday morning to monday morning.  I also ran the inaguaral Stillwater half marathon, played 27 holes of golf and hosted 50 people at our annual Memorial day weekend pool party.

I was driving home from Garrett Zimmermans graduation party in Hillsboro Wisconsin (Garrett had a great career there.  His dad Greg was formely the middle schol principal here in Osceola.) when I got the itch to do the half marathon.  When I got home I quick registered and my friend Doran O’Brien came over and told him what I was doing and he signed up also!  So we are jacked up about this half marathon thinking how cool this is going  to be.  We go pick our bips up in Stillwater and grap a bite to eat and I’ll pick him up at 5:30am. 

I”m right on time and Doran has an expresso waiting for me.  I think it’s my first one ever.  Wow, that was strong!  As we take off I didn’t see Doran set his coffee on the dash and sure enough it spills all over him.  He’s going to smell like coffee the whole race.  Boy oh boy it isn’t starting off well.  We get to Stillwater and you can feel the energy of the event.  One last stop at the port-a-potty and I’ll be good to go.  We get to the starting area and there are thousands of people milling around excited to run.  I check my left shoe to make sure I’ve got my chip on ad can’t see it.  Oh no, I can’t beleive it, I just had it.  Doran said it was in my hand when we were walking and then I knew it’s got to be in the port-a-potty.  I run 5 blocks to the port-a-potty and sure enough it’s in there.  yes, I had to fish it out. 

I’m totally embarressed and stressed.  I mentally calmed myself down and found Doran at the start.  I had to get the negative events that had happened out or it was going to be a long run.  The gun went off and off we all wet.  The great thing about sports is it makes you focused.  If you want to perform you’ve got to be in the moment and sports do this for me like nothing else.  Time seems to stand still when doing a race.  13.1miles is a ways and the longest run I’ve done this year is 10 miles.  I felt great at the halfway point and then by mile 10 I started t feel it.  First in the legs and then the hips.  This is where you do everything to block out how am I going to finish these last 3 miles.  I did and so did many other locals.  Rhett and Julie Neuman did their first one, I saw middle school principal Becky Styles finish strong, Kelly Johnson finished great.  Doran finished and then we celebrated with a nice brunch. 

There was over 3,500 people participating in the Stillwater race.  We all have our own experiences and I think that is what keeps us going.  It’s a positive experience.  For me, if  itwasn’t there is no way I would do it.   Life is like a race, things happen and you adapt and move forward with the goal of finishing even though you are really never done training.  I love being in the game of life and I want you to be at your best in whatever your passions are.  Keep being your best, and let your actions speak louder than your words!!!  Dr. E

3 ways to burn fat, feel better, and anti-age yourself

May 19, 2009

Good morning, Check the video out of our tuesday morning interval session  at the track.  Intervals are great for getting you to go  faster, lean you out, burning fat due to the high intensity of the exercise, and will keep you looking and feeling young.  The weight bearing exercises are great because they generally are full body so they use all your muscles and only take seconds to burn fat for the next 36 hours.  Shorter is better if you want to get and keep in shape.   I did years and years of long slow distance which trained me for going the same speed for long periods of time.  I train 1/3 the time I did 15 years ago and get better results without as much breakdown injuries, and I’m in the best shape of my life.  If time is a consideration, do the weight bearing exercises.  Pushups, pullups, tricep dips, squats, all those exercises we learned 40 years ago in phy ed class are the ones to do.  Go out and play like a kid again and see your energy levels rise, the weight come off, and you will get stronger.  You have to do just one thing, and that is to dissolve all fear by taking ACTION.  My training partner Mike is leading a track workout for beginners tonight at 6:pm at the Osceola track.  Anyone can come, all levels, walking is fine, we want people to get MOVING. 

Ok, busy weekend in Chicago this past weekend.  I left friday at one and was back home saturday night at 10:30pm.  It’s great to get empowered with great research and be around positive people. 

Every weekend is packed from now until August.  Weddings, graduations, Birthays, swimming meets, baseball tournaments, this is one busy summer.  Don’t foget about Mary’s birthday party saturday June 27th.  It’s her 50th!!  Here at our house, all are welcome, bring your swim wear, I’ve got the beer!!

Until next time, take action today to magnitize your life!!  Like Henry Ford said, “If you say you can or if you say you can’t you are right either way”    Choose “I can” today!!   Dr. E

Medical diagnostic errors kill 40-80,000 each year

May 12, 2009

According to a study published in the March 11 2009 issue of the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, misdiagnosis accounts for an estimated 40,000 to 80,000 hospital deaths per year and tort claims for diagnostic errors- defined as diagnosis that are missed, wrong, or delayed–are nearly twice as common as claims for medication errors. 

In the study, David Newman Toker, MD, PHD, and Peter Provost, MD, PHD, attempted to throw the blame for most of these errors on “system errors” rather than on individual medical doctors who lack the training or skill to make correct diagnosis. 

“Moving away from a model that chastisies individual physicians to one that focuses on improving the medical system as a whole could offer big payoffs for improving diagnostic accuracy as well as cost effectiveness of care,” said Newman-Toker assistant professor of Neurology at the Johns Hopkins University school of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health. 

Because diagnositc errors can be tricky to track to their roots, Provnovost, an expert on breaking down complex medical problems, says more research is needed to understand and find patterns in the origins of  such errors. 

In the meantime, however, the death toll from diagnostic errors will be added to the already stagering number of injuries and deaths caused by medications errors, estimated at 1.5 million.  SOURCE:   “DIAGNOSTIC ERRORS –THE NEXT FRONTIER FOR PATIENT SAFETY” BY DAVID NEWMAN-TOKER, PETER PROVNOVOST. JAMA MARCH 11TH 2009(10):1060

I put this article on my blog because we as a whole should look at what we can do so we never get in to a predicament where our health is so bad we have to play Russian Roulette with it.  I’m not willing to let my mind-body go and then leave it up to someone else to take care of it.  Your health is your responsibility and the choices you make today either move you towards or away from health. 

If Chiropractic had these stats we wouldn’t be in business.  I think we have become numb to these staggering stats. 

I know you can live better, I know you have it in you to start eating, moving, and thinking better.  Chiropractic is an essential and necessary form of care for you to fuction at your highest level.  Don’t procrastinate in keeping your spine and  nervous system healthy for a lifetime.

Strikeouts are good

May 5, 2009

Last night Mary and I attended our son Riley’s first baseball game.  I got there 30 minutes late since I was teaching a stress management class at my clinic.  Oh, by the way every monday night at 6:30pm  I have 30 minute wellness strategy classes that are open to all of you, I’d love to see you.  So I’m pulling my car up and Riley is getting up to bat.  I like every other parent on the face of the earth wants to see their child have success in whatever they want to do.  His first 2 swings he missed but he took good cuts.  My next thought was that he needed to be aggressive and anything close he has to be swinging.  Sure enough he let the next one go and it was a called strike on the outside corner.   Next at bat he looked tense between pitches.  Two swings missed and the 3rd pitch called strike.  As a dad and coach I felt for him since that was exactly what he was so fearful of was striking out and letting his team down.  Sometimes we focus on the wrong end result and then that’s what we get. 

I asked him after the game how he felt the game went and he said it went good after the butterflies went away.  

We look at strikeouts as something bad.  Strikeouts are a great learning opportunity to improve.  Harmon /Killerbrew led the league in strikeouts when I ws a kid and he was my hero.  In life unless we get up to the plate, take a stand , committ to something, can we have success.  Sometimes we have many failures before we have success.  Keep stepping up with your health.  What is the one thing you will do today to improve how you eat, move, and think?  Maybe it is calling in and making an appointment with me to get your spine checked, maybe it is to tell your spouse how appreciative you are for all they are and do, maybe it is a brisk walk outside even if it’s raining out.  Your past doesn’t define your future.  Take charge of your life today and encourage others when they have strikeouts in life.   Keep practicing your way to better health and don’t let the strikeouts get you down.  Don’t shoot for the homeruns in life right away, but  focus on getting singles and the homeruns will come.    Go out and support our youth, they are our future!!  Dr. E

Swine flu, another paralysis by analysis?

April 28, 2009

I couldn’t have said it much better.

There are many more things to fear than the swine flu.  How about our behaviors on how we eat, move, and think? Those are what either create disease and pathology over time or create health, abundance, and a longer vital life.

Here are a couple of strategies to prevent the flu?
1. Regular Chiropractic adjustments. Studies have shown that regular Chiro care increases your immune competence 200% and 400% if you are immune compromised. Also, in the 1918 flu pandemic people who got the flu and were under Chiro care had a incredible percent of decreased deaths as compared to those under medical care.
2. Vitamin D 5000 I.U/ daily, or 30 minutes of full body sunlight daily
3. Hydrate yourself. Drink a lot of water so you don’t get dehydrated.
4. CoQ10 for energy. This is a powerful anti-oxidant
5. The best anti-oxidant and fish oil is moxxor. I have it at my office.
6. Wash your hands
7. Count your blessings
8. Be positive
9. Live fearless
10. Get some exercise!!!!!!!     p.s. Ron Paul is a Medical Doctor and congressmen

Earth day everyday

April 23, 2009

I’d love to hear about your Earth day memories.

Are you inflammed?

April 14, 2009

Hi guys! Spring is here and we will hit 60 today so make sure to get out and move your body, get some great sunlight, this will rejuvenate your soul!!

Last night I did a class on how to deflame your diet. It’s a part of my 4 weeks to a new you.
We talked briefly about how what we eat can either make us inflammed or not.
Why is inflammation bad for us. Because it causes most chronic diseases of our culture. Heart disease, cancers, RA, and osteoarthritis, chronic pain syndromes, depression, intestinal disorders, you name it inflammation is a major cause of why you feel the way you do.

If their is a cause then why don’t we just correct it? That’s where the belief and behavior has to change and if you have believed that bread and pasta’s are healthy for you then you need to check out http://www.deflame.com

Grains are inflammatory foods. Dairy and any grain fed meats are and that’s pretty much what you get at the grocery store.

What’s an anti-inflamamtory food. Anything vegetable, anything green, anything man hasn’t got his hands on and manipulated to make it taste so good or make so pretty.
Brocolli, spinach, lettuce, all colored vegtables, fresh fruits, fresh fish that isn’t deep fried, wild game, almonds, red wine, and even some stout beer for you beer drinkers.

Remember to add a fish oil supplement which doesn’t smell. If it does it’s oxidized and rancid which happens 70% of the time. You can get great fish oil at my clinic.

Start today by adding something good and anti-inflammatory to your diet. how about an apple each morning? That’s a start.

Then start deflamming your diet by cutting grains, dairy, and grain fed meats and watch your energy increase and your skin looking younger, and your aches and pains disappear, and you’ll lose weight.

Go to http://www.deflame.com and download the guidelines. You implement these stategies and your lfe will signifigantly improve!!!!! Take action today! Dr. E ps. You can do it!!

Amazing Autistic teen tells his Chiropractic story

April 8, 2009

I thought you would enjoy this story of Nick Schrantz in his own words. Nick is an amazing 16 year old who I’ve been working with for 15 years. Share with others if you would like.

What did Chiropractic look like in 1924?

April 8, 2009

I found this cool video of BJ Palmer adjusting in 1924 on youtube and thought you would find it interesting.

Free care?

March 31, 2009

I took Connor (he’s 14 today) to the Auto show last week and the Buzz was not so much the cars but the incentives  to get you to buy.  I talked to numerous people at Huyandi who said they are really busy this year with the marketing of  if you lose your job the company will make payments for you for 3 months.  Today Ford announced that they would pay up to a year at $500/month payments if you lost your job, and you could bring the car back without any questions asked. 

Times sure have changed.  I remember when interest rates on new cars were 15% and that was when they were making some really poor cars.  Remember the “K’ car by Chrylsler,  and the Ford Fairmont?  Boytheywere really bad  cars.

My first car was a 1953 Chevy that was Mrs. Hoglunds down the street.  She died and we bought it back in 1978.  I think that car sat in her garage for at least 10 years wihtout ever being used. I drove it for 10 years.  It was called the Schmedmobile and it barely got up the big hill in St. Croix falls. 

It’s very interesting marketing and it seems to be working for Huyandi since their internet sales are up 22% from last year.  We’ll see how Ford and the other compaines fare as well. 

I don’t know if that’s something I would do to be honest with you.  I think it is important to value the services that you provide, plus you need to keep the lights and heat on.  I just started a scholarship for those that serve in the military and are coming back from Iraq.  They can come in for care on me for an entire year.  This is the least I can do for them  Many are struggling with post traumatic stress syndrome and Chiropractic is a great service for them.   The more stress you have in your life the harder the nervous system is working and adaptibility towards sickness and eventually disease will occur. unless it’ addressed.  Adjustments help you  better adapt to theses stressors. 

If you are having a challenge just let me and Mary know what’s up.  We are more than happy to work with you and not against you.  We are here not to add more stress but assist you to a better quality of  life with a Chiropractic lifestlye   Now that’s worth something.   

I was down in the cities visiting one of my favorite patients who is having some major health challenges.  I just do not do well with hospitals.  They really are for sick sick people.  This isn’t health care but instead should be called sickness care.   Thank God for places where people can go when they are really ill.   

I am very passionate about what I do about getting the message out their about Chiropractic and wh

What a classic

What a classic

at it can do for you.  You want to live the best life possible while you are here and having a healthy spine and optimally functioning nervous system is necessary and needs to be addressed as much or more than just how we look, feel, our B.P. numbers, our Cholesterol numbers  are.  Big Pharma is coming out with a “Polypill” to adress the underlying symptoms of America’s poor lifestyle habits.  How about adressing the underlying cause?  Yes, it’s more work, but it’s healthier, wiser, and the right thing to do.  Check out yesterday email I sent you about my “4 weeks to the start of a new you” .  I want you to sign up.  It’s a great time to throw away any reasons why you can’t, but rather why you can be healthier and more alive and truly well!!   Until next time, let me know if you are in, and thanks for all the great suggestions for where to take Mary!!  p.s  Congrats to Dave Demulling for 25 years of Sobriety!!!  Way to go Dave!!

Can you help me?

March 25, 2009

Ok guys I need your help. 

See it’s my wife Mary’s 50th birthday in a few months and I want to take her some where special.  I’ve been a bad boy and not taken her any where special the last few years so I’m putting some money away so I can take her somewhere she will never forget. 

Can you reccomend a favorite place of yours. I just asked this on facebook and I’m getting tons of great reccomendations.  I want to hear from you , where and why?

Also, here is a great little simple but effective video to help you work your core.  Start doing this routine daily and you’ll really work your abdominals and back muscles and you’ll look great in a bathing suit this summer!!!

Baseball tryouts

March 23, 2009

This past weekend were the baseballl tryouts for Riley my 6th grader. 

40 years ago when I was starting little league we had no tryouts.  We just played against each other the first month or so and then by the end of the season we’d get the best players for a few games with Osceola and Amery.  We sure had fun and it was probably the most memorable time of my life.  Morning baseball practice with one big game a week  that was 7 innings long.  I knew every major leaguer, had their baseball card, and couldn’t wait to get to a Twins game so I could get to vote for my favorite players.  Yaz, Johhny Bench, Harmon Killerbrew, Rod Carew, were some of my favorites.  To me their is nothing like playing baseball as a kid. 

I was so nervous for Riley since he got cut last year and my fear for him was that he was going to get cut this year.  Riley isn’t much for preparation.  He thinks he can just go out their and it will happen.  I recruited Dave Leske to help out his throwing and catching motion and this helped immensly as he did much better in this try out than last year.  The one talent he has is hitting and sure enough he grabbed a skinny tooth pick little 26 inch bat and only hit 3 out of 7.   That may have dashed his chances for making the team, but time will tell. 

Coaching young athletes which I’ve been doing  for over 20 years it is very imortant to meet them where they are at.  Some kids do not have the skills sets at this time to make a team.  If they get the proper coaching and put the time into it their is no reason they can’t make a team if they work at it. 

There were 38 kids trying out for 12 spots.  I coach the kids who don’t make the team and this is where I teach them  how to move their bodies, develop hand eye coordintion, and learn the fundamentals of baseball.  Kids don’t play like my generation and they haven’t developed these neurologic  and motor patterns.  That is why it is so important for kids to get off the TV, off the computer and get out and play!!!  Then we teach them the fundamentals of baseball.  You wouldn’t believe how many kids do not know how to catch, throw, and hit.

I never knew what it was like to get cut, I never knew what it was like to ride the pine.  I was always the go to guy in sports as a kid and loved every minute of it.  Ive always been a coach even teaching when I was young trying to help others who didn’t get it or needed some attention.  I feel for the kids and parents who have to deal with their kid who may be not as talented, not as motivated, and gets cut.  But with every passage their is an opportunity for success .  Their are no failures,  just experiences.  Look how Abe Lincoln failed but rose to be president.  How about the winner of the American Birkebeiner this year.  He was 55th at the state meet some 8 years ago.  I could have beat him then and now he’s the best of the best.  All kids develop differently, but at times we are trying to put an orange in a square peg as to how we instruct and deal with them.   Have patience with your kids and yourself and keep moving forward in life.  Don’t get stuck with one tryout or one rejection.  Make it a great day!!  Whether he makes the team or not, I’m proud of his effort.  Dr. E

Let the Madness begin!!

March 19, 2009

Allright, winter is over and spring is here.  That was one tough winter but we survived!!   Ok, today is one of my favorite days  since it starts the NCAA college basketball games.  We are having a pool in the office and if anyone beats me they get a prize.  You are all welcome to come over to the house and watch games with me.  I’m pretty glued to the TV this time of year. 

Ski season is officially done , my last race was at trollhaugen last weekend and I blew it up in the short 10km race. 

Here’s a picture from that race. 

Don't fall around the corner

Don't fall around the corner

  Caitlin Compton was there also.  She is America’s best woman skier.  Look for her to have a great chance at a medal at the next Olympics.  

I videotaped and put on youtube this morning a killer ab workout for you guys .  I’m having problems downloading so hopefully I can get that out to you soon.  I did get my hardwood floor put in the living room this week.  I was so sick of looking at that ugly carpet.  Jonah Fetzer put them in and he is the bomb when it comes to putting in and refinishing hardwood floors.  If you ever need someone to do yours I recommend him highly. 

New floors for basketball.  Mary will like that!!

New floors for basketball. Mary will like that!!

On to the health stuff.  It’s not uncommon that people use me and Chiropractic as a last resource.  They may have spent thousands of dollars of their own money or their insurances money, or had needless pain and suffering through test after test to find nothing or just told to live with it, it’s normal wear and tear.  To make a long story  short in 22 yeas and over 350,000 adjustments delivered my observations are that people who get regular Chiropractic adjustments are healthier than those that don’t.  Not very scientific but it’s what I observe.  The bottom line is your body wants to do one thing and that is to heal.  Chiropractic adjustments help remove nerve interference, get your body aligned so it can adapt better to the stresses we put on it daily and allows you to have a better quality of life.  Now who doesn’t want that.  The problem is most people just don’t know.  Can you do me and someone else a favor and sut tell them your experience.  Everyone should just get checked.

 Until next time, stop in to see how your spine and nervous system is doing!  Dr. E